Hiking trails in Jindabyine Australia

Jindabyne is an exceedingly popular and visited tourist spot in southeastern New South Wales, Australia.

The place offers stunning and mesmerizing views of the breathtaking Lake Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountains. Jindabyne’s weather makes it a suitable travel spot in all seasons, especially in summer and winter. 

Jindabyne offers multiple exciting and thrilling sports to its visitors.

Among them, hiking is a well-liked activity that numerous people attempt yearly. The sport’s popularity can get owed to the top-quality hiking trails in Jindabyne. In this article, let us look into and discuss some of the most popular tracks that hikers use. 

Best Family Hiking Trails

1. Thredbo to Kosciuszko

Hiking trails in Jindabyine Australia

Thredbo to Kosciuszko is a 14 km, 4-5 hours round trip that allows hikers to conquer Mount Kosciuszko’s summit. It is one of Jindabyne’s most popular hiking trails that people of all ages, including kids, can attempt. The best time to walk on this trail is in summer since there is snowfall in winter. 

The trail entails an elevated platform that makes it easier for people to walk. The hikers can also avail of the chairlift ride to get an aerial view of the beautiful alpine wildflowers. The only preparation needed for the hike is plenty of food and water. 

2. Waterfall Track

Hiking trails in Jindabyine Australia

The Waterfall Track is a 6 km long trail that takes approximately 2 hours to cover. The track remains unrestricted by season and can get attempted at any time. It entails a sheltered and safe path within the Kosciuszko National Park. 

The Waterfall Track offers mesmerizing views of numerous flowers and trees. Hikers can have an engaging time while looking at the wildlife and birds within the National Park. The trail’s name comes from the small waterfall in the path. One of the most famous attractions of the Waterfall Track is the alpine ash trees having a relatively old history.

3. Porcupine Rocks Trail


Porcupine Rocks Trail entails a short walk from Perisher and a hike of approximately 5.6 km. It continues till a lookout located over the Thredbo Valley and the Crackenback Resort. The trail is one of the easiest in the area, allowing hikers with no experience to give it a go. 

Porcupine Rocks Trail encompasses a slight elevation that allows for a pleasant walk. The path remains distinctly outlined to prevent hikers from going off track. The view during the hike is exceedingly breathtaking, with numerous spot wildflowers. The climb to the Porcupine Rocks enables people to see a marvelous sunset.  

4. Hatchery Bay Trail

Lake Jindabyne

Hatchery Bay Trail is a relatively easy hiking track beside Lake Jindabyne. It entails a walk of 5.4 km and a 49 m climb that can get attempted by all age groups. The path encompasses an amalgamation of diverse terrain types. Overall, Hatchery Bay Trail is an excellent hiking track choice for a day out with the family. 

The windy path of Hatchery Bay Trail passes through several paddocks where hikers can see the cattle grazing. Moreover, the track offers a stunning view of Lake Jindabyne. Besides the scenic beauty, hikers can try out the fun activities along the trail.

5. Rainbow Lake Trail


Rainbow Lake Trail is a track associated with the tranquil and mesmerizing Rainbow Lake. It is a 2 km path that offers hikers gentle climbs beside small creeks. The best time to attempt this trail is in August when the wildflowers remain in full bloom around Rainbow Lake. 

Rainbow Lake Trail offers stunning views of the Rainbow Falls, followed by a picture-perfect forest. Hikers can spend leisurely time beside the waterfall and enjoy the cold water. On top of that, Rainbow Lake Trail offers an excellent spot for fishing. In addition, hikers can try out their luck while catching trout.

6. Copper Tom Trail

Old Jindabyne & the Snowy River 1965

Copper Tom Trail is a point-to-point, single-track path covering approximately 2.6 km. It is a moderately challenging path that should get attempted by hikers with some experience and skills. 

Copper Tom Trail begins near the Jindabyne village. It moves along the Snowy River Dam, offering stunning views of Lake Jindabyne. The track provides breathtaking views that have hikers stop and enjoy them. One thing to be careful about on this trail is that bikers and hikers use the same path. Hence, it leaves a possibility or chance of an accident by collision. Thus, hikers should remain careful during their hikes.  

7. Sawpit Track

Dead Horse Walk

Sawpit Track is an easy and short track offering stunning scenic beauty. It is effortless enough to get attempted by all age groups, including kids. The 2 km loop track begins from the northern edge of the picnic area of Sawpit Creek and takes a minimum of 45 mins to complete. 

Sawpit Track continues through a woodland of multiple trees. It offers a high possibility of kangaroo and bird sightings. In addition, hikers can enjoy the pristine waters of the creek. Finally, the Sawpit Creek picnic area offers a tasty lunch to all people, providing energy to continue the hike.

8. Jindabyne Point and Widows Creek Path

Snowy river below Jindabyne dam

Jindabyne Point and Widows Creek Path is a 7.6 km trail that requires an average of approximately one hour and 41 minutes to cover. It is an easy route and exceedingly popular among hikers. The best time to attempt the track is from November to April when the weather remains relatively colder. 

Several starting points exist to access and attempt Jindabyne Point and Widows Creek Path. Irrespective of the chosen location, all the paths remain well-maintained. It allows hikers to enjoy a comfortable walk. The trail offers people solitude at some points, allowing them to relish nature and its beauty.

9. Tyrolean Village Shared Trail

Dead Horse Walk

Tyrolean Village Shared Trail is a hiking trail making up the Mill Creek and Tyrolean trail network. It entails a collection of hand-cut, cleared, and older tracks with shared and machine-made pathways. Additionally, there are metal sections raised over the rocky areas. 

Tyrolean Village Shared Trail is slightly challenging, compelling hikers to put their skills to the test. The track consists of several rocky descents and climbs through different terrains. The path offers fantastic views of the scenic beauty, leaving hikers mesmerized. The people can enjoy the beautiful flowers and the calm breeze along the way, achieving a worthwhile experience.

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