Travelling as a vegan can be difficult, especially if you’re not staying in self-catered accommodation. This is particularly true when you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language.

It can be hard to feel sure about what has gone into your food, and even what is in any products you might use in your hotel room.

This can then make it difficult to relax… The exact opposite of what you’re looking for in a holiday.


Thankfully, awareness around veganism has risen across the world in recent years. More and more countries are making it easier for their vegan guests to enjoy a break away.

But is the Maldives one of them? Let’s take a look.

One of the biggest aspects of veganism is making sure that any food that you eat does not contain animal products.

However, this can be tricky to ensure. Many countries where veganism is not common, still don’t fully embrace the philosophy.

Whilst you can bring snacks from home, this doesn’t feel particularly in the spirit of embracing local culture. Plus it can make you feel isolated from other guests.

Fortunately, many resorts in the Maldives are fully committed to offering vegan food for their guests, making eating in-resort one of the easiest options for vegan travellers.

It’s best to contact your resort in advance. But most of them offer vegan options. Most will do their best to accommodating for you and will want to ensure your happiness. So you should have a delicious range of treats to choose from.

Vegan in Maldives

Outside of the resort, the Maldives are well known for their fresh fruits and vegetables, which can make tasty snacks when you’re out and about.

Make the most of being in the Maldives and sample coconuts, mangoes and pineapples, all of which are grown on the islands and so taste particularly good.

The Southern Indian inspiration in a lot of Maldivian dishes also means that vegetables and coconut cream are common ingredients in local dishes, all of which are vegan-friendly.

Spa Maldives

Whilst it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about vegan travel, the luxurious reputation of the Maldives often means that you may be looking to indulge in some pampering time whilst you’re away.

Although having a massage or a facial seems like it should involve natural products since they’re going on your skin, not all spa products are suitable for those following a vegan lifestyle.

If you’re staying in a resort, they should be able to tell you what products are being used and which are vegan before you travel. So make sure to check your treatments in advance.

The high-end nature of many of the Maldives’ resorts means that they often use top-level brands, which typically offer a vegan option.

Eco friendly accomodation in Maldives

Based on their desire to protect animals, vegans will also often be people who care deeply about the environment. Thankfully, many of the accommodation options in the Maldives are centred around embracing the local environment. However, it is important to recognise that
travelling to the Maldives requires a plane trip… Which by its very nature is not an eco-friendly practice.

The Maldives also suffer from an overfishing problem. The country struggle with the impact the large numbers of tourists have on the beach ecosystems.

As a vegan, you won’t be contributing to the fishing industry, but you can still make a difference by checking out your resort’s eco credentials before you book.

There are plenty of hotels that are trying hard to give back to the environment they depend on, so choosing one of these and offsetting your flight emissions are a good way to enjoy a more sustainable stay on these paradisiacal islands.

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