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Hey There! Thanks for stopping by to find out more about us. We’re Hammer & Guillaume, a fun couple from Hong-Kong and France respectively, who have been traveling the world. We’re also the adventure-loving, wine-drinking, culture-seeking, photographers and writers who founded this travel blog.

In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with
Charles Schultz

Prior to travelling and starting this website, we were just your average couple, living “normal” lives. Hammer was a yoga instructor and Guillaume working for a multi-national company.

But, we wanted more…

how did

We Start

We met on a boat, we got engaged on a boat, we married on a boat and every year we celebrate our wedding anniversary on a boat. No doubt that our dream is to live the rest of our lives on a boat.

We decided to start this blog to share our exciting journey with you, and also to keep a record of our favorite places we visited.

Enjoy the reading!


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The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.

The story of Guillaume and Hammer started in 2018. This is the year they first met in Hong Kong. Hammer was a wakeboard coach and Guillaume moved to Hong Kong for work. They met the first time on Hammer’s boat while Guillaume and his friends started to learn wakeboard in a place called Tai Tam. It was a love at first sight and ever since, Guillaume and Hammer stayed together. Just about a month later, Guillaume already moved to Hammer’s house, in Stanley a small coastal village south of Hong Kong.

In 2016, Hammer and Guillaume wrote a new chapter in their life. They decided to move to Singapore for a new adventure. In Singapore, Hammer became a yoga teacher and started to teach as her new passion. This is the year, when Guillaume surprised Hammer when he organized a sailing trip and asked her to be her wife. Guess what! She said yes!

This is the most important year for Guillaume and Hammer, as they got married… on a BOAT! They met on a boat, got engaged on a boat, and yup got married on a boat. A catamaran to be precise. Surrounded with friends, they enjoyed a fabulous wedding out at sea.

In 2018, Hammer started again a new chapter in their life, as they decided to move to South Korea because of Guillaume’s work. The beginning of a new adventure, which they always enjoy so much.

Year 2020, afuncouple.com was born. A new website to share their travel stories, photos and videos.



We live through our passions in life. That’s what makes us happy, drives us, motivates us. Passions allow us to grow and surpass ourselves. Our passions are also what define us.

Both of us love sports, being out the nature, we love water, the oceans, of course we love travelings, we love mountains, snow, we love being at peace with ourselves, we love positivity, we enjoy laughing together, we are passionate people.

Follow our adventure to find out more.

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