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Guillaume from a Fun Couple

Who’s Guillaume?

Meet the globe-trotting, wave-chasing, and hardworking adventurer – Guillaume! With a wanderlust that knows no bounds, Guillaume has called more than 10 countries home.
He has not only racked up passport stamps like a pro but has also surfed his path through the world’s oceans, fueled by an insatiable passion for surfing. “Work hard, surf harder, and always have your passport ready!”

Here, we share our exciting journey, travel guides, and the best things to do in our favorite destinations around the world. We hope you’re enjoying our free articles & tips!

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Need Some Inspiration In Your Life?

Our Story started in 2013… on a boat!
Guillaume had moved to Hong Kong for work. He and his friends decided to start learning Wakeboarding in a place called Tai Tam.

And SURPRISE – SURPRISE, Hammer was one of the Wakeboard coaches. A total Badass with capital “B”! ;-)

Well, it was absolutely love at first sight! We started dating a few days later and never left each other! 1 month later we were already living together!

This is what you call destiny… Isn’t it?

The rest is history!

We met on a boat, got engaged on boat, got MARRIED on a boat and every year we celebrate our anniversary on a boat! Needless to say, our dream is to one day live on a boat…

We started this blog in 2020, while living in South Korea. As we explored every corner of this amazing country, we realized that so many incredible places weren’t in any guidebooks… So we thought: “Why not write about it on a blog…

We must’ve done a great job, as very quickly we were getting thousands of views! 

In 2022 we decided to start traveling around the world and continue writing on our blog about places we enjoyed discovering. This is when our blog really took off!

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