Baiyang Trail

Why Choose Baiyang Trail in Taroko Gorge?

The Baiyang Trail is actually one of the most popular hikes in Taroko Gorge. If you only have limited time during your visit to Taroko, we recommend at least this hike!

The main”star” of the hike is the unique Water Curtain Tunnel. Here the water seeps through the rock and creates a curtain-like effect. We’ve never seen anything like it!

In this guide about Baiyang Trail, we will let you know everything about it to prepare for your trip!

Key Takeaways from a Hike at Baiyang Trail

– Distance: The Baiyang Trail is approximately 4.2 kilometers (2.6 miles) round trip.
– Duration: It takes 1.5 to 3 hours to complete the hike
– Main features: you will see Waterfalls, the Water Curtain Tunnel, Monkeys, cross a Suspension Bridge, and a admire beautiful landscape overall!
– There are many tunnels: bring a flashlight or your phone with light with you.
– Location: The start of the trail is pretty much towards the end of the gorge after Tianxiang Recreation Area & Xiangde Temple
– Parking Space: there is a decent-sized parking just before the start of the trail, which makes it very convenient.

Practical Tips about Baiyand Trail

1. Getting there

Parking Lot at Taroko Gorge

Baiyang Trail is near the Tianxiang area in Taroko National Park. You can easily drive and park there.

Exact Location of Baiyang Trail

Once you park the car you will need to go through the road from where you came from. The trail starts roughly in the middle of the car tunnel. It’s well indicated.

The trail starts with a pedestrian-only very long tunnel.

2. Distance and Duration

Entrance of Baiyang Trail
Entrance of Baiyang Trail
  • Trail Distance: The Baiyang Trail is approximately 4.2 kilometers (about 2.6 miles) round trip. This distance makes it a favorable choice for a wide range of hikers, from beginners to those looking for a leisurely day hike.
  • Hiking Duration: Typically, it takes about 1.5 to 3 hours to complete the hike, including the return journey.

3. What to Wear and Bring at the Baiyang Trail

Taroko Gorge
  • Footwear: The trail is well marked and doesn’t require necessarily sturdy hiking shoes unless it’s raining and wet. We did it with our Vans, and it was perfect!
  • Rain Gear: Bring a waterproof jacket or poncho to cross the Water Curtain Tunnel. We didn’t have any jackets with us, luckily a couple gave us their poncho as they just came back from the Water Curtain Tunnel.
  • Lighting: A flashlight or headlamp is a good idea for navigating the dark and long tunnels.

4. Safety Tips for hiking the Baiyang Trail

Baiyang Trail
  • Mind the Tunnels: The tunnels can be damp and slippery. Watch your step and use your light.
  • Check Weather and Trail Conditions: Before you set out, check the weather forecast and trail conditions. The trail may be closed during or after heavy rains due to safety concerns.
  • Beware of Falling Rocks: Keep an eye out for falling rocks, especially after rain.

Things to See at Baiyang Trail

1. Water Curtain Tunnel


The Water Curtain Tunnel was a highlight that stood out. Water dripping through the ceiling of the tunnel created a curtain-like effect, providing a refreshing respite from the heat. It felt like walking through a natural shower, and it was a unique experience that added a magical touch to our hike.

2. Panoramic Views

Baiyang Trail

Along the trail, there are several viewing platforms. These platforms provided panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, offering a chance to appreciate the grandeur of Taroko Gorge.

3. The Majestic Baiyang Waterfall

Baiyang Waterfall

Reaching the Baiyang Waterfall was a moment of awe. The waterfall, with its cascading waters set against the backdrop of dense greenery, was a sight to behold. The sound of the waterfall, combined with the cool mist, was invigorating and gave us a sense of being in a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

4. Crossing the Suspension Bridges

Taroko National Gorge

The hike also included crossing a couple of suspension bridges. These bridges added an element of excitement to our journey, offering yet another perspective of the gorge’s depths.

5. Beautiful Liwu River

Baiyang Trail

The Baiyang Trail in Taroko National Park offers an enchanting encounter with the Liwu River, a vital and dynamic feature of this landscape.

As we hike along the trail, the river accompanies us, its waters winding gracefully through the gorge. The Liwu River is not just a picturesque backdrop; it’s the lifeblood of the gorge, carving through the marble and creating the breathtaking scenery around us.

6. The Monkeys at Baiyang Trail

Monkeys at Baiyang Trail

In Baiyang Trail, there is a high chance of encountering monkeys. The most commonly seen monkey species in the park is the Formosan Rock Macaque, which is native to Taiwan.

Enjoy watching their natural behavior without disturbing them. Remember, they are wild animals, and their space should be respected.

Our Final Thoughts About Baiyang Trail

Baiyang Trail

Our hike on the Baiyang Trail in Taroko Gorge was a fun experience.

You will have the opportunity to see the beauty of Taroko Gorge at your own pace and see a unique feature: The Water Curtain Tunnel.

If you only have time for 1 hike during your trip to Taroko National Park, then pick this one. It’s easy, it’s nice, it’s short!

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