Bopiliao Old Street in Taipei

What to see at Bopiliao Old Street in Taipei? Is it worth visiting? Anything else to see nearby?

Let’s continue the exploration of Taipei with Bopiliao Old Street. After we visited the charming and historical Dihua Street and the stunning Rongjin Gorgeous Time, in the city, we couldn’t wait to see more historical streets and buildings in Taipei!

Walking through Bopiliao Old Street felt like a journey back in time to the Qing Dynasty era, with its red brick walls, arched arcades, lanterns, and intricately carved windows.

We also couldn’t miss tasting local food at the nearby Huaxi Street Night Market, and a visit to Longshan Temple at night (and our favorite temple in Taipei).

Overall, visiting Taipei without checking Bopilia would be a pity! Hence we wrote this guide to explain everything you need to know about Bopilia Historic Blog.

Guide to Bopiliao Old Street in Taipei

Bopiliao Old Street in Taipei

The entire Bopiliao settlement was formed in the early Qing Dynasty and then passed through the Japanese colonial period. It has a history of more than 200 years.

The area maintains the street pattern of the Qing Dynasty and the archways of the Japanese colonial period, which is quite distinctive.

In 2009, the Taipei City government completed restoration work on the Bopiliao Old Street, opening it to the public.

These historic buildings are now key cultural and educational landmarks. They not only exhibit local culture and history but also actively host art exhibitions, thereby continuing to serve a functional role in the community.

Things to see in Bopilia Old Street

Bopiliao Old Street in Taipei

Walking here is like walking through the old streets and alleys to hunt for treasures. The red brick walls are quite historical as a whole, and every corner is a good place to take pictures.

Several movies Taiwan‘s most popular movies such as “Monga” and “David Loman” were also filmed in Bopiliao Historic District.

Visiting Bopilia Old Street is pretty much straightforward. Each building hosts something else to see. Some were closed during our visit, but most of them either have an exhibition, workshops, or small shops!

Other things to see near Bopiliao Old Street?

1. Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple in Taipei

This is one of our favorite temples in Taipei. It must be visited at night to see all its beauty. It’s open during the day too, but all the lights inside the temple make it so much impressive!

Longshan Temple is one of the best things to see in Taipei!

> The exact Location of Longshan Temple
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2. Herb Lane

Herb Lane in Taipei

Another cool thing to do nearby is to stroll down Herb Lane in Taipei.

This unique street is lined with shops offering an array of herbal products, from dried plants to medicinal teas. Each store was a treasure trove of knowledge, with shopkeepers eager to share the uses and benefits of various herbs.

This visit gave us a glimpse into the traditional Taiwanese approach to health and wellness.

> The exact Location of Herb Lane

3. Huaxi Street Night Market near Bopiliao Old Street

Huaxi Street Night Market

After a long day walking around the city, we were super hungry! And the good news is that at night Taipei filled up with lively Night Markets all around the city.

Huaxi Street Night Market is very near Bopolia Old Street. We stopped there for dinner, eating plenty of street food! 1 stall we loved was the scallion pancakes! Super yummy!

> The exact Location of Huaxi Street Night Market
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How to Get to Bopilia Old Street

To reach the Bopiliao Historic District in Taipei, the most convenient method is to use the Taipei Metro (MRT).

The closest MRT station to Bopiliao is Longshan Temple Station. Once you arrive at Longshan Temple Station, it’s just a short walk to the district.

> This is the exact location of the Bopilia Historic District.

As always in Taipei, taking the bus is also pretty convenient (we use buses most of the time) or by renting a bicycle with YuBike. You can see the bikes everywhere on the streets of Taipei.

> For more information you can check Bopilia Old Street’s Official Website.

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