Does the thought of finding a sanctuary that offers amazing historical sights, beautiful landscapes, and azure waters tickle your soul? Bid farewell to your concerns and travel to Malta.

Wrapped in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta creates is the perfect spot for great adventures!

Why choose Malta?


Perfectly located, as it is on the beautiful waters of the Azure sea, the island of Malta is a beautiful place to explore!

From the prehistoric Sanctuaries of Hagar Qim, to the streets of Mdina, Malta is a treasure of wonders waiting to be discovered…

Malta is a living museum where the past and present are mixed in a perfect harmony!

When traveling to Malta, we recommend booking a personalized package to create a customized itinerary that will allow you to make the most of your experience in Malta.

The charms of Malta

Malta’s charm is intertwined in the narrow cobblestone streets, quiet squares, churches, and old houses. Malta couldn’t be imagined without this world-cultured city, which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built by the Knights of St. John in the 16th century, Valletta is a real architectural treasure where St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the Grand Master’s Palace are only the beginning of a dawning of stones and mortar.

Malta extends with towns and villages that are each characterized by something specific. Go through the alleyways of Mdina, the quiet city, or visit the small fishing villages like Marsaxlok and Marsalforn, where hours often seem to pass unnoticed.

Choose a tailored travel packages

Having your dream Malta experience all comes down to careful planning and smart decision-making.

Planning your Malta trip? we recommend you choose a Malta travel package. Unlike ready-made tours, which are made for several people at the same time, personalized tours are made especially for you.

Are you into history, do you love food, or do you like the seaside? You will have a travel package ready for you in Malta.

The evoked image of diving through centuries-old Mdina narrow streets with a historical guide investigating the mysteries of this medieval gem. Or even ending up on a culinary journey, where you could enjoy the mouthwatering local Maltese delicacies offered at the many restaurants and market stalls. Everything is possible!

Avoid the stress of planning your individual Malta getaway and get a tailored travel package to take you on a discovery tour of one of the most picturesque Mediterranean country.

Best Things to See in Malta

1. Valletta


Valletta being the capital city of Malta, it is undoubtedly a must-go destination for those who enjoy history and who are eager to learn about the culture and traditions of the inhabitants of this small but unique island.

Walk through the city’s impressive fortifications, wander through its narrow alleys, and smell the beautiful aromas from the many cafes and restaurants. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Cathedral of St. John Co-Cathedral with a half-body piece of artwork painted by Caravaggio titled “The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.”

2. Mdina


Be transported to the distant past as you tour the domed city of Mdina.

Given its label that evokes its old-world characteristics of winding streets, medieval architecture, and commanding views, Mdina looks akin to the dream of photographers.

Make sure that you visit the Mdina Cathedral and also the Fallon House Historic Museum for that diverting experience into Malta’s history.

3. St. Julian’s


If you prefer to be at the center of the most happening place, you should head to St. Julian’s. This town, which you just cannot get enough of, is well known for its huge range of bars, clubs, and restaurants. Therefore, you always have a great variety of options to choose from. Walk around the area by the waterfront promenade, stop for a drink, and taste the experience of gambling in one of the nearby casinos.


To sum up, Malta is a fascinating place that brings together the elements of history, culture, and natural landscape in a unique way. Ranging from the grandeur of Ħaġar Qim temples to the busy and commercial streets of Valletta, this glittering gem of the Mediterranean is overflowing with amazing things to do and see.

As you think of your next trip, it’s worth considering Malta and the great adventures you will have.

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