This is certainly one of the best road trip in your life. A beautiful and scenic road with plenty of amazing beaches and hikes along the way. In this post we describe the 10 most amazing stops on The Great Ocean Road in Australia.

The Great Ocean Road will not disappoint you. It is known to be one of the most famous coastal road in the world. There are so many things to see and do along the way, that you may feel overwhelmed at times. We spent a few nights along the way to really enjoy this drive. In this post we will share with you the best things to see on the Great Ocean Road. The road is 243 km long between Torquay (near Melbourne) and Allansford, which runs along the coast of the state of Victoria. 

Great Ocean Road

Torquay aka Surf City in Australia, will most likely be your first stop. (Tip: we recommend to start the trip from Torquay, the view is better as you drive closer to the ocean and it’s much easier to quickly stop and take your best instagramable shot). In Torquay you can shop at some of the best surf brand flagship stores. Then make your first stop in this famous surf spot, called Bells Beach, home to the Ripcurl Surf Pro every year. Just as you enter the carpark, you will already feel the “Great Ocean Road” vibes: surfers, camper vans, nomads etc. This stop will set the tone for the rest of your road trip! 

Great Ocean Road

A hip town along the road with a great vibe and pretty Cafes. We decided to spend the night in Lorne as we started our road trip pretty late, and we had a really cool time in the evening with nice restaurants and amazing breakfast places. Not too far make sure to make a stop at Teddy’s lookout. But the best for lovers of waterfalls is to climb a little north of Lorne to Erskine Falls! These 30 meter high waterfalls remain quite impressive, even with a small trickle of water. A short walk brings you to the first vantage point above the falls. The second viewpoint requires a little more walking, but allows you to reach the base of the waterfall.

Great Ocean Road

The first time you see a Koala in the wild is a moment you will always remember. These animals are really so cute and fluffy. If you have never seen a Koala before, it’s your lucky day! There are many gum trees along the Gray River Road where you will spot these adorable and so fragile animals. 

Great Ocean Road

While between Lorne and Apollo Bay there are plenty of opportunities to stop and take nice shots (this is one of the most scenic part of the Great Ocean Road), we recommend to stop in Apollo Bay and go on a small hike to the Mariner’s lookout. It’s a very nice vantage point to Apollo Bay and the Great Ocean Road. 

Great Ocean Road

This huge national park is a very big part of the Great Ocean Road and comprised of rainforests, beaches, rugged coastline and waterfalls. You can also take a short hike around Cape Otway Lightstation to enjoy some beautiful views of the ocean.

Great Ocean Road

This is the main sight along the Great Ocean Road and you will quickly understand why with this jaw dropping view. It used to  be 12 limestone stacks in the creates this stunning view down the coast. We stayed there during sunset, and truly the light was magical. Just next to it, there is the Gibson Steps, equally stunning limestone standing tall out of the water. Both sites are beautiful and the most popular things to do on the Great Ocean Road. Take your time there and enjoy the view and the sound of the Ocean in from of you… 

Great Ocean Road

These 4 sights, relatively close one another will show some amazing limestone shapes surging from the ocean.

The Loch Ard Gorge, is an arch rock formation a bit further from the coast. The view from the lookout is stunning and worth a stop. Right next to it, another must-see on the Great Ocean Road. Here at Thunder Cave the water flows into a narrow gorge and makes a pretty loud Thunder-like sound echoing though the gorge when the waves goes back to the ocean.

Further on the way, you will encounter London Bridge another arched rock. The lookout point is close to the rock, where you can hear the waves smashing the rock. Powerful moment Final stop in this stretch of the Ocean Road, lies The Grotto. Take down the stairs and you will see a beautiful tidal pool. Stay on top of the arched rock and feel the power of the bombing swell crushing the cliffs. Pretty cool stuff! On the way you can also stop at Port Campbell, a nice little town which makes an ideal stop for lunch.

Great Ocean Road

If you are lucky and are visiting during the right season, you may spot whales from the platform. Bring your binoculars to spot some big and amazing mammals! There are also some surf spots along the wild coast near Warrambool, a town next to Logans Beach

Great Ocean Road

At Port Fairy, there is a beautiful lookout on Griffiths Island. At the lighthouse you can experience an amazing sunrise. Another must-do on the Great Ocean Road. The waves are pretty strong there, it’s a nice spot for more experienced surfers.

Great Ocean Road

For many this would be the last stop on the Great Ocean Road, before returning back from the inland road to Melbourne. However, the Great Ocean Road still continues, and the rest of the road is as epic as the start. In Portland head to the Discovery Bay Coastal Park. Expect spectacular cliffs. You may also spot some Kangaroos enjoying this beautiful life on the park.

The Great Ocean Road in Australia is definitely a one of the most beautiful road on earth. Amazing lookout to see the blue Ocean, rugged coastline, Koala, Kangaroos, surf, camping places – the perfect trip. This is our top 10 stops on the Great Ocean Road. If your time is limited make sure to stop to the 12 Apostles and Apollo Bay. Enjoy the ride!

If you decide to spend a few days on the Great Ocean Road, there are beautiful places worth staying overnight. Here are our recommendations:

Lorne is a small seaside town popular with surfers and locals roaming for a weekend. The Lorne Forest Park makes it perfect for beautiful hikes and the beach perfect to catch a few waves. Lorne also has many great restaurants, cafes and bar, hence staying overnight would not be boring… During our stay, we booked Mantra Lorne a we really liked this place. Right in the middle of the town and close to the sea, it’s a great place to stay overnight. The facilities were great and room very comfortable. You can book here. 

We highly recommend having dinner at Mestizo, located just a few minutes walk from Matra Lorne, the food is off the chart, we had one of our best meal there.

Port Campbell is the closest town from the 12 apostles, so if you don’t intend to drive back to Melbourne right after visiting the 12 apostles, then it’s the perfect spot to stay overnight. The village of Port Campbell is known for its lively street of restaurants and cafes. You stayed at  Daysy Hill Country Cottages and we can’t recommend enough this lovely place. One of the best place near the 12 apostles. Book here. 

The largest city on the Great Ocean Road, it has shopping centers, hotels and even a whale nursery! Finally, the city’s beach, Logans Beach, is notably the playground of the Southern Right Whales, which passes there every year between June and October. A great spot to stay overnight. 

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