Things to do in Ximending in Taipei

What to do in Ximending? Why is Ximending Famous? Best places to eat at Ximending in Taipei?

During our visit to Taipei, we enjoyed our visit to Ximending the most!

Ximending is the pulsating heart of Taipei! This district offers a mix of culture, food, fashion, and entertainment. It is one of the best things to visit in Taipei!

For us, this area felt like Shinjuku in Japan or Hongdae in Seoul! It’s the kind of place we absolutely love!

Guide to Ximending in Taipei


– Spending half a day in Ximending is a must during a trip to Taipei!
– Visit The Red House, a key historical and cultural site.
– Ximending offers one of the most vibrant nightlife in Taipei! Get out and have fun.
– From trendy boutiques to quirky souvenir stalls, Ximending is a paradise for shoppers.
– Sample a variety of Taiwanese street foods, including local favorites like bubble tea and stinky tofu.
– Ximending is also a great place to stay during a trip to Taipei. We’ll recommend the best hotels later in this post.



Things to do in Ximending in Taipei

The Red House is a historical gem and one of the best things to see in Ximending. This old traditional building made with red bricks stands out in Taipei. It was built in 1908. You can’t miss it…

Today this building is a cultural center. It features a theater and a two-story marketplace with local artists’ creations.

Guide to Ximending in Taipei

Right next to the Red House, you can see the street painted with rainbow colors. Indeed, The Red House area transforms at night into a vibrant LGBTQ+ scene.

Things to do in Ximending in Taipei

This beautiful tea house called Rinbansyo, is a stunning contrast to the rest of the modern area of Ximending. As we were looking to rest a bit, we found this place by browsing Google Map.

And what a gem we found! This old traditional Japanese-style wooden tea house is beautiful and serves great tea! As you may know already, you can find delicious tea in Taiwan (not only bubble tea).

Things to do in Ximending in Taipei

Right next to Rinbansyo, you will find a rare remains of a Japanese Temple: Nishi Honganji.

Nishi Honganji in Ximending, Taipei, is actually a branch of the original Nishi Honganji Temple located in Kyoto, Japan.

The Tea House was actually the residence of the head priest of the Temple. There is not much left of the temple, but it’s still 1 of the best things to see in Ximending.

What to do in Ximending in Taipei

Ximending is a shopper’s paradise with pretty cool stores, from international but also local brands. We bought some nice clothes there in random shops.

You’ll also find great deals on souvenirs in this area. There are many pedestrian streets in this area, which makes it rather pleasant!

It gets very crowded in the evening though.

Claw Vending Machine in Taipei

Taiwanese (a bit like Japanese) love using claw machines and gachapon (capsule toy) vending machines, available 24/7. If you ever travel to Akihabara in Tokyo, you will get the same feel!

Those machines are everywhere! And we had to try it! Loved it! haha.

Night Markets in Taipei

Although smaller compared to other Taipei night markets, Ximending’s night market offers a unique street food experience with various vendors popping up at night.

What to do in Ximending in Taipei

Known as the birthplace of bubble tea, Taiwan offers an authentic experience of this popular drink. Ximending, with its vibrant street culture and numerous food stalls, is the perfect place to explore the variety of bubble teas available.

1 shop in particular is very famous in the area, is Xin Fu Tang (location). At Ximending you can experience their flagship store. Prepare to queue a little, but you will get to try one of the best bubble tea in Taiwan!

Of course we tried! And it was delicious… addictive even!

Things to do in Ximending

At night there are lots of street performances. Actually not only in Ximending but in many crowded areas of Taipei such as Xinyi area or Huashan 1914 Creative Park (another area we love in Taipei!)

We love the magicians in Taipei! They are pretty impressive.

Taipei North Gate

The Taipei North Gate is a significant historical landmark in Taipei. It was built during the late 19th century when Taiwan was under Qing rule.

The gate is an example of traditional Chinese architectural style, featuring distinctive red walls and a classic tiled roof. It stands as a symbol of Taipei’s historical past amidst the modern urban landscape.

You can’t really get inside, but it’s a great photo and a good time to learn more about Taipei’s history.

Things to do in Ximending

Ximending is the place to go out in Taipei! There are many great restaurants, izakaya, and trendy bars.

Some of our favorites are:

Hankou 60: A trendy spot that combines a bar and a movie theater. It’s known for its retro, cinematic theme and serves a range of creative cocktails and snacks.

The Red House Area: This area is especially known for its LGBTQ+ friendly bars. Bars like Café Dalida is very popular.

Geography Bar: if you are into cocktails, this place is one of our personal favorites!

Wannian Building

A hub for pop culture, the Wannian Building is filled with gachapon stores, retro clothing, toy shops, and an entertainment center.

Most popular for teenager in Taipei, it’s a great place to discover while visiting Ximending. At the basement, there are lots of food available if you want to grab something.

What to do in Ximending in Taipei

Right on the opposite side of Ximending, you will find Taipei Audio Street. If you are looking to buy any Audio devices while in Taiwan, there is the place to go to!

Guide to Ximending in Taipei

This is exactly what we like in Ximending. The mix of modern and traditional. Right in the middle of this shopping district, you will find The Tianhou Temple.

It is a beautiful example of traditional Taiwanese religious architecture. Dedicated to Mazu, the goddess of the sea, this temple is a serene escape from the bustling streets and offers a glimpse into local religious practices.

Karaoke in Taipei

Karaoke is a favorite pastime in Taiwan, and Ximending has numerous karaoke bars. It’s a fun way to immerse yourself in local culture and enjoy a night out with friends.

Things to see in Ximending

Have you heard about Don Don Donki? This is Japan’s most famous discount store! And they have a branch in Taipei!

If you’ve never experienced a Don Don Donki elsewhere, do check it out! We love just walking around the shop and having fun looking at some items!

Things to see in Ximending

Tattoo Street is another must-see place in Ximending. The street is filled with tattoo and piercing shops alongside fashion and jewelry stores.

Why not, having a lasting memory of your trip to Taipei?

Guide to Ximending in Taipei

Discover vibrant murals and street art, showcasing Taipei’s relaxed graffiti laws and rich artistic culture at America Street in Ximending.

America Street is one of the most commercial streets in Ximending.


Home to around 15 cinemas, Ximending offers a dive into Taipei’s film culture with a range of movies in various languages.

Things to do in Ximending in Taipei

We told you that Ximending feels like Akihabara in Japan! And like in Akihabara, Ximending has Maid Cafe.

Maid Cosplay is somehow a fantasy in Japan and Taiwan. Here you will be served by Maid some food and coffee.

Some popular Maid Cafes are Lilith in Wonderland & Moe Hime Maid Cafe


Must-Try Restaurants in Ximending

Things to see in Ximending

Ximending is not only a hub for fashion, culture, and entertainment but also a food lover’s paradise.

We discovered many food options ranging from traditional Taiwanese cuisine to innovative fusion dishes.

Here’s our list of must-try restaurants in Ximending:

  • Cuisine: Taiwanese
  • Specialty: Known for its signature dish, the flour-rice noodles, this place is often crowded. Their noodles are smooth and the broth is rich and flavorful.
  • Location of Chun Flour Rice Noodle

  • Cuisine: Hot Pot
  • Specialty: If you love spicy food, this is the place to go. They offer a variety of meats, vegetables, and other hot pot essentials in a spicy, numbing broth.
  • Location of Mala Hot Pot

  • Cuisine: Dessert
  • Specialty: Known for its wide array of unique ice cream flavors, including some you won’t find anywhere else like wasabi, beer, and sesame oil chicken flavor.
  • Location of King Ice Cream

Best Hotels in Ximending, Taipei

  • Style: Modern
  • Why Choose CitizenM: Best Value for Money in Ximending
  • Highlights: CitizenM Taipei North Gate is known for its chic, contemporary design and high-tech amenities tailored for the modern traveler. Located near the Taipei Main Station, it provides easy access to Ximending and other parts of the city. This is our top choice in Ximending!

  • Style: Business, Modern
  • Why Choose Midtown Richardson: proximity to Ximending, convenient
  • Highlights: This hotel offers a comfortable and convenient stay with modern amenities, ideal for business travelers or those looking for straightforward, quality accommodation. Its location near the Ximen MRT Station makes it easy to explore the city.

  • Style: Hostel, Modern
  • Why Choose We Come Hostel: Affordability, Cleanliness
  • Highlights: The hostel features a contemporary and minimalist design, creating a clean and comfortable environment, equipped with inviting communal.

How to get to Ximending 

Guide to Ximending in Taipei

Getting around in Taipei is super easy! The Metro and Bus systems are super well done and well connected! You won’t have any problems traveling within Taipei, that’s for sure.

Getting to Ximending in Taipei is quite straightforward, thanks to the city’s efficient public transportation system. Here are the most common ways to reach Ximending:

Ximen Station: one of the most convenient ways to get to Ximending is by taking the Taipei MRT. Ximending is primarily served by the Ximen Station, which is an interchange station for the Blue Line (Bannan Line) and the Green Line (Songshan-Xindian Line).

We actually took the bus most of the time while visiting Taipei. We simply typed where we wanted to go on Google Maps, and took the first and closest bus to us! It’s that easy. You can either pay cash (it costs roughly 15 NT) or pay with the Easy Card (which we highly recommend). You can buy the Easy Card here.

Final Thoughts – Is Ximending Worth A Visit

What to do in Ximending in Taipei

The first time we walked around Ximending was in the morning during a rainy day… And honestly, we didn’t quite get what was all the fuss about Ximending… However, that same day we came back around 6 pm and understood that Ximending was coming to life in the afternoon. So if you are visiting this part of Taipei, make sure to come in late Afternoon!

We then started to enjoy Ximending with lots of animations, great restaurants, dynamic and lively atmosphere, etc. so we kept coming back to this area!

So in a Nutshell, YES, a visit to Ximending in Taipei is 100% worth it. ENJOY.


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