Rhodes in Greece

What are the best things to do in Rhodes in Greece?

Rhodes is a captivating Greek island steeped in history, blending its ancient charm with modern appeal. Its UNESCO-listed medieval old town, adorned with Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, is perfect for sightseeing.

Beaches, such as Faliraki and Lindos, lure sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts each year. and the island’s rich heritage, including the Colossus of Rhodes, ruins, and the Palace of the Grand Master, adds cultural intrigue.

Rhodes also boasts a vibrant culinary scene, lively nightlife, and warm hospitality, ensuring a memorable experience amidst its picturesque landscapes and clear waters.

Here are the best places to see in Rhodes.

1. Faliraki

Rhodes in Greece

Sitting along the north-eastern coast of Rhodes, Faliraki is a vibrant seaside resort town renowned for its stunning beaches, lively atmosphere, and numerous attractions, making it a must-visit destination on Rhodes.

Faliraki’s biggest draws are its beautiful sandy beaches, including the Blue Flag-awarded Faliraki Beach, which offers crystal-clear waters ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. From relaxing on sun loungers to exhilarating activities like jet skiing and parasailing, Faliraki Beach is a haven for beach lovers.

Faliraki offers plenty of entertainment options, from water parks to vibrant nightlife venues. If you’re with active kids, take them to the famous WaterPark Faliraki, which has thrilling slides and rides for all ages. Visit the historic Anthony Quinn Bay, providing a picturesque setting for snorkeling and diving adventures.

Aside from its recreational offerings, Faliraki features a bustling promenade with restaurants, cafes, and bars serving delicious Greek cuisine and refreshing cocktails. These are the perfect places to relax after the fun adventures on the island. Sample local specialties like souvlaki and moussaka while soaking up the stunning sea views.

2. Ialyssos

Old Town Rhodes from the Mediterranean Sea, Rhodes, Greece

Ialyssos is a charming destination on the northwest coast of Rhodes, boasting historic charm, stunning natural beauty, and modern amenities, making it one of the best places to see on the island.

If you’re a history lover, you’ll enjoy discovering the city’s rich historical heritage. Ialysos is one of the island’s three ancient cities and was once home to the Temple of Athena Polias and the Acropolis of Ialysos, which offer fascinating insights into Rhodes’s ancient past. Discover archaeological sites and wander through the remains of ancient civilizations for a peek into the island’s rich history.

Beyond its historical sites, Ialyssos is home to stunning beaches with golden sands and crystal-clear waters, ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. The long stretch of coastline offers a variety of beachfront resorts, restaurants, and cafes, providing opportunities for relaxation and seaside dining.

Check out Ialyssos’ vibrant town center, with shops, markets, and traditional tavernas, where you can sample authentic Greek cuisine and shop for souvenirs. The town’s lively atmosphere and friendly locals add to its appeal, making it a must-visit destination for exploring Rhodes.

3. Kalathos

Savvas Ceramics, E O Rodou Lindou, Kalathos, Greece

Kalathos, located on Rhodes’ southern shore, is a hidden gem known for its quiet atmosphere and breathtaking natural beauty. As one of the top spots to visit during your Rhodes holiday, it has a stunning stretch of golden beach lapped by blue waves. The Kalathos Beach provides an ideal setting for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying water sports, making it a great destination for those looking for holidays in Rhodes.

Beyond its stunning coastline, Kalathos boasts a rich historical heritage. Check out the ancient Acropolis of Lindos nearby, rising majestically above the landscape, offering panoramic views of the coastline and the surrounding countryside. Discover the ruins of ancient temples, theatres, and fortifications to gain insights into Rhodes’s ancient past.

Kalathos exudes a laid-back ambiance with its quaint village center, where whitewashed houses and traditional tavernas line its narrow streets. Sample delicious Greek cuisine, sip refreshing drinks, and mingle with locals, experiencing authentic Rhodian hospitality.

4. Kolymbia

Tsambika, Kolymbia

Kolymbia is a scenic resort town on the eastern coast of Rhodes, embodying the essence of Greek island charm. As one of the best places to see in Rhodes, it will delight you with its stunning beach, a long stretch of golden sand washed by the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. With its calm and shallow waters, Kolymbia Beach is ideal for families and sunbathers, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and indulging in water sports in a tranquil setting.

Kolymbia also boasts a scenic landscape of rolling hills, olive groves, and pine forests, providing a serene backdrop for leisurely walks and nature hikes. Explore the surrounding countryside, discovering hidden coves, panoramic viewpoints, and ancient ruins scattered throughout the area.

Visit the charming village center of Kolymbia, with traditional tavernas, cafes, and shops offering the perfect setting for sampling authentic Greek cuisine, sipping on local wines, and browsing for souvenirs. The village’s laid-back atmosphere and friendly locals create a welcoming ambiance to soak up the local culture and experience the warm hospitality of locals.

Kolymbia also offers easy access to nearby attractions, including the historic town of Lindos with its ancient Acropolis, the Seven Springs nature reserve, and the traditional village of Archangelos. Whether you seek natural beauty, cultural richness, or a relaxed vibe, Kolymbia offers an unforgettable holiday experience in Rhodes.

5. Pefkos

Rhodes in Greece

Pefkos is another must-see destination in Rhodes. It’s a charming seaside village that captivates with its laid-back atmosphere, stunning beaches, and scenic landscapes. While its main draw is its beautiful beaches, including the Blue Flag-awarded Pefkos Beach, it also offers a variety of recreational activities and attractions to suit different tastes and interests.

Embark on boat trips to nearby islands, try snorkeling, or hike in the surrounding hills. With plenty of outdoor exploration and adventures, Pefkos is perfect for adventurous visitors. 

After all the fun activities, visit the village center of Pefkos, where you’ll find traditional tavernas and cafes. Here, you can sample delicious Greek cuisine or shop for souvenirs. Experience the village’s warm hospitality and friendly atmosphere, creating a welcoming ambiance for unwinding and immersing in the local culture.

With its stunning beaches, scenic landscapes, and relaxed vibe, Pefkos offers an unforgettable holiday experience in Rhodes, making it a must-visit destination on the island.

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