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Why Visit Jingtong Old Street in Taiwan?

Jingtong Old Street is rarely mentioned in most guidebooks and travel blogs about Taiwan. We stopped at Jingtong Old Street during our road trip through Taiwan and on our way to Pingxi Old Street, Shifen & Jiufen from Taipei.

As we had plenty of time for the whole day, we checked all points of interest along the way and Jingtong Old Street appeared on Google Maps.

Indeed, if you decide to drive to Jiufen from Taipei, there are many cool spots along the way.

And the fact that Jingtong Old Street is a LOT less crowded than Shifen and Jiufen makes a visit to this place a real delight!

Key Takeaways from a visit to Jingtong Old Street in Taiwan

– Jingtong old station, full of nostalgic atmosphere, was listed as a historic site by the Government in May 2003.
– Jingtong Old Street showcases a mix of Japanese colonial and traditional Taiwanese buildings, offering a glimpse into Taiwan’s multifaceted history.
– The area is dotted with shops selling handmade crafts and local souvenirs.
– It is best to visit Jingtong Old Street on the way to Jiufen during a trip from Taipei
– Jingtong Old Street is also accessible by train
– The visit took us a little over 1h

Here is a Sneak Peek of Jingtong Old Street:

About Jingtong Old Street

Guide to Jingtong Old Street in Taiwan

Jingtong Station was built in 1929. This station was listed as a historic site in 2003. It used to be an important facility for transporting coal mines.

Now the tall coal washing site has been turned into a coffee shop. When you come here, you can learn more about Jingtong mining history.

From Shifen, Pingxi to Jingtong, each settlement has traces of its prosperity due to the development of mining.

After the mining industry ceased production, the population declined and moved to other parts of Taiwan…

Things to see at Jingtong Old Street in Taiwan

Jingtong Old Street in Taiwan is a hub of culture and history, offering a variety of sights and experiences. Here are some key things to see and enjoy when you visit:

1. Old Train Station

Guide to Jingtong Old Street in Taiwan

Jingtong Old Street, like Pingxi Old Street and Shifen, has an old train station still in use today. The area around the railway is super scenic. A perfect place to take very nice photos.

2. Stroll through the Old Street

Guide to Jingtong Old Street in Taiwan

As we arrived in Jingtong Old Street, the traditional architecture is what noticed right away! The street is lined with buildings mixing a blend of Japanese colonial and classic Taiwanese styles.

These structures are not only visually striking but also tell the story of Taiwan’s rich historical tapestry.

3. Enjoy the view at a Cafe perched on a Hill

Guide to Jingtong in Taiwan

Right opposite the train track, there is a super cute cafes overlooking Jingtong Old Street and the entire area. It used to be a coal washing site and was now turned into a cafe.

It’s a nice view spot and a great place to enjoy a drink or meal.


4. Check out Jingtong Old Street Local Museum

Museum in Taiwan

Towards the end of the main street don’t miss out on the small museums… Although most of the explanations are in Chinese, there are some pretty cool photography from the past on how Jingtong Old Street used to look like! We found it pretty interesting and it’s free 🙂

Location of the Museum

5. Jingtong Sky Lantern Pavilion

Guide to Jingtong in Taiwan

You may not noticed this great architecture piece during the day, but in the night this whole pavilion lights up (from 4pm), looking like a lantern. It’s really cool to look at night!

The Lantern Pavilion is located at the entrance of Jingtong Old Street

Exact Location of the Lantern Pavilion / website

Guide to Jingtong Old Street in Taiwan

In Jingtong and especially Shifen it is very popular to light up a lantern in the sky! There are many shops selling lanterns which you can write wishes on and light up to fly in the sky! Most people do that on the train track.

7. Make your Wish on a Bamboo Stick

Guide to Jingtong Old Street in Taiwan

As you walk through the street, you will an entire alley full of Bamboo sticks. You can actually buy a bamboo stick and write your wishes on them and hang them on the walls in the old street.

How to get to Jingtong Old Street?

Guide to Jingtong Old Street in Taiwan

Visit Jingtong By Train

One of the best way to visit this part of Taiwan, is to take the Pingxi Line train and stopping at the different Stations including Pingxi, Shifen, Houtong Cat Village and of course Jingtong.

The Pingxi Line opened in 1921, by the Japanese to transport coal. And even though the coal industry stopped, the trains continue to run, nowadays mostly for tourists!


By Car

As we rented our car in Taiwan (via Klook by the way – which was super smooth), it was easy for us to drive from Taipei.

We started in the morning from Taipei, then visited Jingtong, Pingxi, Shifen and ended up at Jiufen where we decided to spend the night!

It was a beautiful road trip (despite the rain the entire day…)

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Is Jingtong Old Street Worth a Visit?

Guide to Jingtong Old Street in Taiwan

If you have plenty of time ahead of you for a full day of exploration in the Pingxi region, then yes, we recommend adding Jingtong to your itinerary.

It’s not as popular as Shifen, but we liked the fact that there was a lot less tourists. The place felt a lot more relaxing and serene!

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