Jagalchi Market in Busan


Located on the shores of Busan, South Korea, Jagalchi Market stands as a bustling seafood paradise and a cultural landmark in the city.

Known for its vibrant atmosphere, fresh seafood offerings, and rich heritage, this market offers visitors a unique glimpse into the local way of life.

Jagalchi in Busan

In this blog post, we will highlight the top activities and experiences to enjoy when visiting Jagalchi Market.

Jagalchi market represents Busan and is famous all over the country. If you visit Jagalchi, you can taste very fresh fish of all kinds.

Key Takeaways from a visit to Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan

– Jagalchi Market is renowned for being the largest seafood market in Korea.
– You will be amazed by the vast variety of fresh seafood available.
– You can select you preferred seafood and have it prepared on the 2nd floor
– Jagalchi Fish Market is one of the best things to do in Busan!
– Count at least 1 hour or more to visit the market
– It is best to go early in the morning, as this is the time when the market is most active. Koreans like to have breakfast in the market, with fish of course

Jagalchi Market is the place where you can really see and feel the lifestyle of the people born in Busan. Hence make sure to check it out, you won’t regret it…

1. Marvel at the Bustling Fish Market

Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan

Upon arrival at Jagalchi Market, immerse yourself in the vibrant energy as you explore the sprawling fish market.

Take in the sight of countless stalls teeming with an impressive array of live fish, shellfish, squid, and other marine delicacies.

Watch as vendors expertly prepare and clean the seafood, and witness the lively transactions between fishermen and buyers. This is the perfect opportunity to experience the lively ambiance and observe the local fishing culture.

Jagalchi 09

Jagalchi is a very exciting place, not to be missed if you visit Busan. The market is actually divided into two, there is the outside area much larger, and an indoor market with restaurants on the upper floor.

In the indoor market, the sellers keep the fish fresh by using aquariums and keeping the fish alive. In the outdoor markets, most of the fish sold are dried.

Outside the main building, you can see all the fishing boats going in and out of the port. The smell of the sea, the fish at the market, and all the locals enjoying delicious seafood make Jagalchi a unique attraction in Busan.

Take your time to explore the market because each part of the market offers more or less different products. Do not hesitate to go closer to the port by passing behind the outdoor stalls. If the weather is good, vendors dry fish on wooden planks at the back of their stall. It’s very traditional. Just be careful with the smell of fish. It is strong, very strong!

Jagalchi 14

But who are they?

Most of the people who sell fish there are women, so-called Jagalchi Ajumma, Ajumma meaning married women or middle-aged women.
Here at the market, they take care of the preparation of the fish and the sale. They cut, resize, and prepare the fish on the spot.

The Jagalchi Ajumma is part of the attraction when visiting the market. The ones who know a few English words will normally approach you to make you try some of their fresh sashimi. Go for it!

Jagalchi 12

If it’s the first time you visit Korea, you will be surprised by all the variety of fish and seafood.

Some of them are in Korea for the first time. Some have really strange shapes which we never saw before. Of course, like anywhere else in Korea, you will find a huge amount of octopus.

But also expects squids, eels, sea urchins, oysters and so much more.

Jagalchi 06

A visit to Jagalchi Market without eating some seafood wouldn’t be complete. Head to the 2nd floor of the indoor market. There you will find many different seafood restaurants. Most of them serve similar dishes. The menu is written in English.

For us, one of the Jagalchi Ajumma recommended us some fish. We ate 2 grilled fish, and 1 seafood pancake… And it was soooo good! Of course, we had to have it with some soju, even though it was lunchtime… It’s part of the experience, isn’t it? No judgment here ๐Ÿ™‚

In Korea, it is very common to eat fresh fish sashimi style. You usually pick your fish alive and the Ajumma will prepare it for you. If you like sashimi, you are in the right place!

Yeongdo Bridge

After exploring Jagalchi Market, take a short stroll to the nearby Yeongdo Bridge.

This iconic suspension bridge offers stunning views of Busan’s waterfront and skyline.

As you cross the bridge, enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and take in panoramic vistas of the bustling port area, the jagged coastline, and the surrounding hills.

The bridge also serves as a popular spot for fishing, providing a glimpse into the daily life of local fishermen.

Best things to see at Jagalchi Market

Located in close proximity to Jagalchi Market, the Busan Maritime Museum is worth a visit to delve deeper into the city’s maritime history and culture of Busan.

Explore interactive exhibits, artifacts, and displays that highlight Busan’s importance as a bustling port city. Gain insights into the region’s fishing traditions, shipbuilding industry, and maritime trade routes.

The museum offers a fascinating perspective on the vital role of the sea in shaping Busan’s identity.

Taejongdae Park (ํƒœ์ข…๋Œ€์œ ์›์ง€)

For nature enthusiasts, Taejongdae Park is a must-visit attraction near Jagalchi Market.

Situated on a rugged cliffside, this picturesque park offers breathtaking coastal views, dense forests, and scenic walking trails.

Take a leisurely stroll through the park, enjoying the serenity and natural beauty it has to offer. Don’t miss the chance to visit the iconic Taejongsa Temple, which provides a tranquil sanctuary amidst the lush surroundings.

Jagalchi 01

To reach the Jagalchi fish market, the easiest way is to take the metro and exit at Jagalchi station. From the metro station to the market, walk 5 minutes.

If you prefer to travel by bus, no problem, there are many buses which reach Jagalchi Market (5-1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9-1, 11, 17, 26, 27, 30, 41, 61, 70, 71, 87, 103, 113, 134)

Jagalchi 04

The Jagalchi market is open every day (except the first and third Tuesday of the month).

The market is open all day until the evening.

Address of Jagalchi Market: 52, Jagalchihaean-ro, Jung-gu, Busan-si (๋ถ€์‚ฐ๊ด‘์—ญ์‹œ ์ค‘๊ตฌ ์ž๊ฐˆ์น˜ํ•ด์•ˆ๋กœ 52 (๋‚จํฌ๋™4๊ฐ€))

Busan 20

BIFF Square has helped to make Busan an international cultural city. Indeed, this square hosts the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) โ€“ considered the most important in Asia โ€“ and has developed as the cultural center of the city, with its many cinemas, theaters and, like Hollywood , handprints of renowned artists on the floor.

This is also the place to be for some amazing street food, and feast on ssiat hotteok, one of Busanโ€™s specialties.

Busan 16

Gamcheon Culture Village was one of our highlight during our trip to Busan. It is a pretty colorful village on the outskirts of Busan, with small houses leaning against a mountain.

Gamcheon has long been a refuge for the poor. It was not until the 1990s that it benefited from a huge renovation project: artists painted the walls, others installed works of art. Today, the village attracts many tourists, who appreciate its picturesque side and the lovely views of the coastline.

Full post about Gamcheon here.

Huinnyeoul Culture Village(ํฐ์—ฌ์šธ๋ฌธํ™”๋งˆ์„)

Although not mentioned in most guidebooks, Huinnyeoul Culture Village is one of our favorite place in Busan. This coastal village is full of colors, gorgeous cafรฉs facing the sea, and many colorful houses with beachy vibes.

Huinnyeoul village is directly by the sea, whereas Gamcheong is on the side of a mountain.

This coastside village is super beautiful not only due to the ocean scenery but also because it has a ton of beautiful murals, that make perfect Instagram shots! They have a small museum to introduce all the movies and dramas that were filmed here, so a must-visit if you are in Busan!

If you wish to focus more on the city of Busan and see Jagalchi Fish Market, BIFF, Oryukdo, Taejongdae and of course Gamcheon Culture Village etc. then we recommend staying at Seomyeon shopping district.

Hotel in Busan

For first time travelers to Busan who wish to maximize your time visiting the city, then we recommend a stay at Ibis Hotel located very near Seomyeon the most entertaining area of Busan. From there you can easily reach Jagalchi Market or Gamcheon Village.

Hotel in Busan

This hotel has an excellent location. It’s perfect for shopping, there are duty-free shops, casinos and Lotte mall all connected. You can also try various selections of food at the underground food avenue. Lottel Hotel Busan is at the heart of everything.

You can also enjoy the rooftop pool with a great view of the city.

Jagalchi 13

To immerse yourself in Korean culture, a visit to Jagalchi Market in Busan is a must. Jagalchi is also the largest and most famous fish market in Korea. Hence, make sure to add it to your to-do list when visiting South Korea.

We had a very good time strolling through the alleys of the markets and also eating delicious fresh fish there. After our visit, we walked across the road to BIFF Square which was super convenient.

We hope that you enjoyed our post. Feel free to leave a comment if you have other questions about Jagalchi Market.

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