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Jeju’s beaches are popular with honeymooners and many Korean vacationers, especially during summer. The emerald color of the water in Jeju is unique and beautiful. Together with amazing fine white sand and volcanic shores, Jeju beaches are absolutely stunning.

While living in South Korea for 3 years, we traveled many times to Jeju (full guide about Jeju here). In this post, we share with you the 10 best beaches in Jeju island!

Co-Jejudo-Hyeopjae-Ouest (9)

Visiting Hyeopjae Beach in Jeju will be one of the highlights of your trip on the island. It is a place with an incredible ecosystem because the nature on this coastal site has remained untouched. At Hyeopjae you can observe a unique combination of white sand, emerald water, and evergreen forests. The beach overlooks the gorgeous island of Biyando.

The coast of Hyeopjae stretches for 9 km. However, the famous and most visited site with white sand is much shorter. The average depth of the water is 1.2 m.

The conditions here are not always suitable for children. Strong winds and ocean currents can make it dangerous not only for children, but also for adults. However, at low tide, children can safely play in the wet sand. There are also lifeguards on the beach.

What to do in Hyeopjae?

On the beach, you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas for sunbathing. There are several cafes and shops where you can drink delicious coffee or eat delicious international or local food.

You can also enjoy watersports in Hyeopje. Parasailing is one of the best activities on the beach during high tide. Snorkeling is another popular activity in Hyeopje.

Right behind Hyeopjae, you can visit the famous Hallim Park. This huge tropical garden has thousands of plants, trees, flowers and also a unique lava cave. We wrote a full post about Hallim Park here, check it out during your trip to Jeju. This is another reason why Hyeopjae is one of the best beaches on Jeju Island.

How to get to Hyeopjae?

If you want to get to Hyeopjae from Jeju Airport, take the bus 202 directly to the beach. The journey takes 1h20 approximately.

Where to stay in Hyeopjae ?

Staying in Heopjae is an excellent choice in Jeju. You will be close to some of the main activities on the island and just a little more than 1h away from the airport. We recommend a stay at Bluespring boutique Hotel. The hotel is directly facing the sea without any obstruction. The hotel is fairly new and very clean. There is a coffee shop inside the hotel also serving light food. You can book here.

Jeju surf

Jungmun Beach is considered to be one of the best beaches on Jeju Island but also in South Korea (full list here of best beaches in Korea). The beach is located on the south coast of Jeju Island and is the most popular surf spot on the island (our surfing guide for Korea here).

Jungmun Beach is unique thanks to its combination of shades of sand with black, white, red, and grey colors. The Korean Federation for the Environment recognized the Jungmun coast as the cleanest beach among 44 beaches in South Korea.

To the right of the beach is a natural sea cave called Haesikgul, which is definitely worth a visit at low tide. You can take some fun photos here.

Whenever we go to Jeju a visit to Jungmun Beach is a must. For us, it is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Jeju.

What to do in Jungmun?

In Jungmun, make sure to stop for a drink or coffee at one of the most popular places in Jeju. This place is called THE CLIFF. For us it’s perfect to enjoy a sunset drink.

Surfing is another popular activity in Jungmun. If the waves are good, you can have a fabulous surfing session. You can rent surfboards directly on the beach or even book a lesson.

As we love sailing, we usually never miss an opportunity to go on a sailing trip. With Grande Bleu Yacht, you can hop on a catamaran to enjoy the beautiful coast of Jeju and spot dolphins if you are lucky. The trip starts from the Jungmun area. We absolutely loved our trip during the day. It was really pleasant to be out at sea. You can book here for an unforgettable moment.

How to get to Jungmun?

To reach Jungmun from the airport, take bus 600 and get off at Jungmun Tourist Area. The bus is direct, you do not need to change. It takes a bit more than 1 hour to reach Jungmun.

Where to stay in Jungmun?

The Jeju Shilla Hotel in Jungmun is one of the best resorts on the island. The facilities are just amazing: indoor/outdoor pools, jacuzzi, nature park, kids playground, many restaurants, glamping area, spa, etc. The hotel also offers many activities for adults and kids. If you want to relax during your stay in Jeju and feel pampered, then book at The Jeju Shilla Hotel.

Hamdeok Beach_Jeju

Hamdeok is one of our favorite beaches on Jeju. The beach is located on the north side of Jeju Island, not far from the airport. Crystal clear water with turquoise color, the cleanest sandy beach with white and golden sand – these are the characteristics of Hamdeok beach. It is thanks to Hamdeok Beach, that Jeju was nicknamed the “Hawaii of South Korea”.

Hamdeok Beach is not only 1 but 3 beaches! You have the large main beach, about 500 meters wide, the one you can reach from the bus stop or from the parking lot, depending on your means of transport. On the left, a smaller beach, in the shape of a cove, more oriented towards the city. On the right, the Seoubong peak is a volcanic cone that seems to protect the places from the wind and form a natural barrier.

We wrote a full about Hamdeok Beach here. Check it out to discover all the activities on this beach.

What to do in Hamdeok?

One thing not to miss in Hamdeok is the famous Delmoondo Cafe. This cafe right by the beach, is a very trendy place in Jeju. We love spending time on the deck of Delmoondo.

Snorkeling is another popular activity in Hamdeok. You can reserve your snorkeling gears here.

Finally, if you continue to the right side of the beach, you will reach the Jeju Olle trail. This is a pleasant trail to admire the beautiful sea and volcanic rocks. Continue more east and you will see a big hill. You can hike all the way to the top. On the way there you will see goats and horses. The view from the top of the hill is stunning.

How to get to Hamdeok?

Hamdeok is easily reachable from Jeju airport. Take bus 101 and you will reach the beach in slightly less than 1 hour.

Where to stay in Hamdeok?

In Hamdeok we recommend staying at Utop Ubless Hotel Jeju. The hotel faces the sea and has a beautiful rooftop with jacuzzi. The hotel is fairly new and modern, with a very nice staff. We couldn’t hope for a better stay in HamdeokYou can book here.

Woljeongri in Jeju_14

Woljeongri Beach is a picturesque beach with dozens of stylish cafes along the beach. Less touristy than Hamdeok or Jungmun, Woljeongri is one of our favorite beaches on Jeju island.

Woljeongri Beach is a small white sandy beach that stretches along the east coast of Jeju. The water in the Pacific Ocean is deep turquoise and crystal clear, making the beach ideal for swimming on a hot summer day.

The sunset at this beach is really beautiful. If there are no waves, this beach is perfect for families. However, on a wavy day, this beach becomes a surfer paradise.

We wrote a full post about Woljeongri here, one of our favorite spots in Jeju. Check it out.

What to do in Woljeongri Beach?

There are many activities at Woljeongri Beach. 1 of them is surfing. With good conditions, Woljeongri gets one of the best swells in Jeju. There are many surf shops along the beach to rent your gear or to get a surf lesson.

As mentioned above, Woljeongri is also popular due to its amazing cafes along the beach. Each cafe is very unique.

Another fun activity is to rent an electric scooter and explore the beautiful coast around Woljeongri.

How to get to Woljeongri beach?

Woljeongri is easily reachable from Jeju Airport. Take bus 101 and you will reach the beach in 1h.

Where to stay in Woljeongri Beach?

For a modern vibe, opt for Lunamar Pension. This brand-new hotel, with great rooms and a rare swimming pool, is one of a kind. We had a great time at Lunamar Pension in Woljeongri. Check it out here.


Gwakji Gwamul Beach is one of the most comfortable beaches on the island. There the water is relatively calm with less wind than the rest of the island. Therefore, Gwakji Gwamul Beach is especially popular for families with children.

Due to the fact that the beach is close to Jeju City, this beach also gets more crowded than the previous ones mentioned earlier in this post. The beach is also beautiful with crystal-clear waters and white sand.

There are two areas at Gwakji Gwamul Beach, one with a sandy bottom and a rocky area. Of course, the former is better to swim, but the latter is interesting to explore and to spot nice fish and sea shells.

What to do in Gwakji Gwamul Beach?

This is a modern beach with lots of tourists, so it is equipped with all the necessary amenities. Here you can rent a beach chair, snorkeling gear, and many other water equipment. The facilities at the beach are also very modern with free toilets and showers.

There are also plenty of places for a snack near the beach – from coffee shops to pretty decent restaurants.

On the far right of the beach, Gwakji also gets a decent swell, good for surfing. There are a few surf shops in the town, or you can also rent your surfboard directly on the beach. However, as mentioned above, the rest of the beach is pretty quiet and good for sunbathing and enjoying a relaxing swim.

How to get to Gwakji Gwamul Beach?

To reach Gwakji Beach from Jeju airport, take bus 102 and exchange at Aewol with bus 202. It usually takes 1 hour to reach the beach.

Where to stay in Gwakji Gwamul Beach?

Many vacationers on this beach are staying in Jeju City the main city on the island. If you want to stay right on the shore, then 200 meters from it is Marevo Beach Hotel. This great hotel is directly facing the beautiful sea of Jeju in a quiet area. The hotel is fairly new with modern rooms. You can book here.

Beach @ Pyoseon

Pyoseon is located on the southeast coast of Jeju Island. Its popularity is due to an unusual phenomenon that occurs at low tide: the coast turns into a round lake with a depth of less than 1 meter, which sparkles with reflections of different shades. Literally every half a meter its color and density changes, which is pretty unique.

Swimming in Pyoseon during low tide is very pleasant. It’s the perfect beach for children. In addition, taking a rest on Pyoseon Beach is recommended for people with neuralgia, since the sand on its shore, formed from shell rocks, has healing properties.

Behind the beach, there is a nice forest with a camping site.

What to do in Pyoseon Beach?

Every year in August, the beach hosts the Pyoseon White Sand Festival with a range of leisure activities in the program. Nearby you can also visit the traditional village of Seongeup and the traditional village of Jeju.

How to get to Pyoseon Beach?

To reach Pyoseon from the airport, you will need to take 2 buses. First hop on bus 101 and once you reach Jeju City change to 221. The whole journey will take about 1.5 hours.

Where to stay in Pyoseon Beach?

If you decide to stay near Pyoseon during your stay, search no longer. The best hotel by far is Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju. The view from the pool to Pyoseon Beach is absolutely fabulous. The rooms are also super nice and a great breakfast is served. Check it out here.

Hyeopjae Jeju

From Hyeopjae Beach you can easily access Geumneung Beach. Both beaches are connected by a long strip of sand and grassy dunes. Geumneung Beach offers another magnificent panorama!

The water is very shallow and therefore heats up quickly compared to most of Jeju’s beaches. This beach is usually not crowded, so it’s a great place to relax in Jeju.

What to do in Geumneung Beach?

This beach often gets good wind for Kitesurfing. We love going to a rooftop cafe nearby to check out the kitesurfers having fun on the water. The view from there is stunning!

The water at Geumneung Beach is so clear that it’s perfect for snorkeling. The beach is particularly attractive during sunset, as the sun sets over the horizon against the backdrop of the hills of the island of Biyando.

How to get to Geumneung Beach?

If you want to get to Geumneung from Jeju Airport, it is in the same direction as Hyoepjae. Take the bus 202 directly to the beach. The journey takes 1h20 approximately.

Where to stay in Geumneung Beach?

If you stay near Geumneung, we recommend staying at the same hotel right behind Hyeopjae: Bluespring Boutique Hotel

Samyang Beach, Jeju

Samyang is a black sand beach. This is the result of Jeju’s volcanic activities. Samyang has healing properties. This unusual black sand beach contains a large amount of iron which is good for neuralgia, arthritis, dermatitis, and obesity.

Due to the black sand, the water also looks dark. But the water is very clean and transparent. Overall the beach is very enjoyable and quieter than other beaches in Jeju.

What to do in Samyang Beach?

The Black Sand Beach Festival is held annually on the Black Sand Beach.

Due to its black sand, the sand remains warm for a long time after sunset. Therefore it is very pleasant to walk there barefoot in the evening.

How to get to Samyang Beach?

There is a direct bus to Samyang Beach from Jeju Airport. Take bus 316 or bus 331. It will take 45 minutes.

Where to stay in Samyang Beach?

There aren’t many places to stay in Samyang Beach. Hence we recommend staying in Jeju city if you want to be near the beach but also enjoy the convenience of being located in a city.

Gimnyeong Beach_Jeju

Gimnyeong Beach is one of the best beaches on the East Coast of Jeju. Gimnyeong Beach is covered with soft white sand, the water is crystal clear, and the color of the sea is out of this world! In Gimnyeong you will surely see many couples in their wedding clothes taking photos. It is one of the most popular spots in Jeju for wedding pictures.

What to do in Gimnyeong Beach?

Gimnyeong Beach offers many water sports activities. You can go snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, etc. The waves in this part of Jeju are weak and low, and the wind is frequent, which contributes to be one of the best spots for kitesurfers.

Gimnyeong Beach is also famous for its large population of dolphins. For this, yacht trips are organized to the beach not only to see amazing dolphins but also to fish in the sea. Near the beach is the Manjiangul Lava Cave, one of the most extraordinary spot to visit in Jeju (more info here about the cave).

How to get to Gimnyeong Beach?

To access Gimnyeong Beach you will have to take 2 buses. First, take bus 101 to Samyang, and then change to bus 201. The whole trip takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Where to stay in Gimnyeong Beach?

There aren’t many places to stay in Gimnyeong Beach. Hence we recommend staying at the neighboring beach of Woljeongri (full guide here about Woljeongri beach)

Iho beach  #1

Iho Beach is located near Jeju City, the capital of Jeju Island. Due to the proximity to the city center, the beach is often crowded with locals and tourists. Iho Tewoo Beach is quite spacious and enjoyable on a sunny day. The water is usually very calm in this part of Jeju.

There is also a campsite located in the shade of pine trees right by the beach. So if camping is your thing, consider staying at Iho Tewoo Beach.

What to do in Iho Tewoo Beach?

From early July to August, the Iho Tewoo Festival is held annually at Iho Beach – a celebration of music and fishing. Another notable feature of Iho is the two horse-shaped lighthouses which have become a recognizable symbol of this beach.

Iho Beach is also famous for its beautiful sunset.

How to get to Iho Tewoo Beach?

The most direct bus to access Iho Beach is #370. The journey takes about 30-40 minutes

Where to stay in Gimnyeong Beach?

A wonderful hotel near Iho Beach is At Corner Resort and Garden. This hotel is more like a home with a gorgeous garden. We absolutely loved staying at this place. The rooms are beautifully decorated and the garden is very well maintained. Don’t hesitate, to check out At Corner Resort Garden, here.

Jeju_Hamdeok Beach_Delmoondo Cafe

And this marks the end of our post with the 10 best beaches on Jeju Island. We hope that you found this post useful for planning your trip to Jeju.

We also wrote a full guide about Jeju here with plenty of other posts on the best things to do in this amazing island.

For other amazing beaches in South Korea, check out the list of 25 best beaches here.

Have you ever been to any of these beaches? What do you think is the most beautiful beach in Jeju? Do not hesitate to give us your recommendations

For more posts related to South Korea, check out this link here.

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