Pocheon Art Valley (포천아트밸리) is a former granite quarry, which today became a space devoted to art and culture. The valley is home to an observation deck, an art gallery, and a performance hall. Also, there is a cafe, walking trails, a monorail, and much more.

A trip to Pocheon is the perfect gateway from Seoul. We loved it!


Pocheon consists of a beautiful setting for arts and crafts, which is why it is known as the Pocheon Art Valley.

This valley was transformed when Pocheon organized an ecological restoration project. It was the first Korean project based on ecological restoration. After the transformation, this place became very popular and tourists started to visit Pocheon Art Valley and now it is famous for its works of art. It was featured in famous Korean Dramas.

If you have enough time, there are a couple of more attractions nearby, such as the park of Pyeongyang Land with amazing gardens and forest as well as Sanjeong Lake a bit more north.

Let’s get back to Pocheon Art Valley, we’ve listed here all you need to know about the park and the best things to see. Check it out 🙂

Pocheon Art Valley

There is no subway to reach Pocheon Art Valley, hence the best option would to take the car. Pocheon is roughly 60km from Seoul.

If you do not have a car, we recommend joining a day trip organized by Trazy Korea, here. They will also take you to Sanjeong Lake & Herb Island.

Pocheon Art Valley is unfortunately not easily reachable by Public Transport.

Pocheon Art Valley in Korea

Pocheon Art Valley is open all year round. We went there in Autumn in the middle of the foliage. The colors were fantastic and the temperature was very comfortable.

To get there from Seoul, count a little more than 1 hour. We spent pretty much the whole afternoon there taking our time, plenty of pictures, and a coffee.

Pocheon Art Valley

When you buy your entry ticket, you can also add the monorail ride all the way to the top. It’s a fun way to start your journey at Pocheon Art Valley.

The entry ticket for adults is KRW 5,000 and KRW 1,500 for children.

The monorail costs extra: KRW 3,500 for a one-way trip and KRW 4,500 round trip. We recommend taking the one-way trip up and walking down via the forest trail. More about it later. 🙂

Pocheon Art Valley

When you get off the Monorail head to Cheonjoho Lake. The lake has the distinction of being very pure. Indeed, the water of the lake is formed from spring water and rainwater which flows through the granite quarry. A magnificent place to discover especially in winter when the lake is frozen!

Cheonjoho Lake is a great place to take stunning photos. We had a lot of fun taking the above shot.

Pocheon Art Valley

The day we went they had a concert right in front of the lake. It was such a great moment.

Pocheon Art Valley in Korea

Next stop: the Museum of Astronomical Science Center. After visiting Cheonjoho Lake, continue all the way up to the Museum. You will recognize the Museum with its dome on top of the building. The Museum is free and mostly for children.

Although not very impressive and everything is written in Korean, it is still worth a visit. At least the way to the museum is gorgeous among beautiful trees and flowers.

Pocheon Art Valley in Korea

Pocheon Art Valley is full of Sculptures. Some of the sculptures were definitely a bit strange (you will see why once you go there). Well, at the least the park is nice and the view is great from the park.

We just took a stroll through the park and went under the roses tunnel and the lights tunnel for a bit of fun.

Pocheon Art Valley in Korea

After visiting the sculpture park, head to the Sky Park. Take a series of stairs and trail up to enjoy some great views of the quarry and the surrounding areas. You can also relax at the top, as there is a small park with rocking benches.

To go down follow the track, there is only 1 way. It will lead you to the steep spiral Doleum Stairs.

Pocheon Art Valley

There is a very nice cafe in the middle of the park. Enjoy a good cuppa and some snacks before heading back.

Pocheon Art Valley

Beside the cafe, there is a trail to go back down the entrance via the forest trail. The trail was really nice in the middle of the woods. The colors during autumn were so beautiful. We took this last shot before heading out.

Pocheon Art Valley
Pocheon Art Valley in Korea

The Pocheon Art Valley reflects the culture that is appreciated by locals as well as visitors.

Here you can enjoy the exhibitions and special performances on weekends. Visitors, as well as locals also love to visit the Pocheonseok Rocks which are found in the vicinity of the valley. This site is very attractive for the unique granites found after digging.

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