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Namsan is a 262-meter-high mountain located in the center of Seoul. Koreans especially like Namsan for hiking. At the top of Namsan peak is the famous N Seoul Tower, also called Namsan Tower.

Visit the Namsan Tower is one of our favorite things to do in Seoul!


– The Namsan Tower is also called the “N” Tower
– The Tower is the most visited attraction in Seoul by foreign tourists
– It was built as a telecommunications tower in 1975
– Since 2015, the area developed the Seoul Tower Plaza dedicated to shops, restaurants and stunning viewpoints
– The best way to get there is by cable car!


Visit the Namsan Tower in Seoul

To get to the Namsan Tower you have several options:

You can first take a free shuttle bus which will drop you off in front of Seoul Tower Plaza. From Myeongdong Station (line 4, exit 1), take the half-hourly Shuttle Bus Service (operating hours 12:00 – 20:30) with “Namsan Cable Car” sign to Namsan Cable Car Station.

Note that it is not possible to drive to the top of Namsan or take a taxi. The road is only for the shuttle bus.

This is our favorite way to reach the Namsan peak. It is nice as you can enjoy a beautiful view of Seoul on the way to the top of Namsan. We recommend taking only the one-way trip to the top and hiking down as Namsan Park is really beautiful. The cable ride to the top takes 10~15 minutes.

  • Address to the cable car: 83, Sopa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (Hoehyeondong 1-ga) (Korean: 남산케이블카)
  • Price: Adult KRW 13,000 (round trip) / KRW 10,000 (1 way). Children KRW 9,500 (round trip) / KRW 7,000 (1 way)
  • Website: here

Finally, you can get there on foot through the pretty Namsan Park. The ascent of the mountain takes between 30 and 40 minutes. There are many different trail to reach the top. We will provide more info later in this post.

  • Namsan Tower Address: 105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
  • Website: here

What to see around the Namsan Tower?

Trail in the Park

The park has several entrances, but we recommend using the entrance in front of the gorgeous Grand Hyatt Hotel. You can easily spot it thanks to its imposing structure overlooking the city.

During this walk, you will see, among other things, beautiful flowers and trees, a cultural center, a library, cafes, and sports parks.

Namsan Park is very big. On your way up to the Namsan Tower, you will be able to stop at several observatories to admire the view of Seoul. It is very pleasant and relaxing to walk around Namsan. Especially to admire the changing seasons.

Locks at the top

Once at the top of the mountain, you will enjoy the view of the city walls that once protected the city.

As you walk towards the tower you will see an observation platform with mountains of love locks. This is probably one of the most well-known attractions at Namsan Tower. Couples would normally “lock” their love with the padlocks in all sorts of shapes. Padlocks can be purchased at the souvenir shops.

Visit the Namsan Tower in Seoul

To reach the observatory at the top of the Tower, there is an entrance fee of KRW 10,000. We recommend booking in advance with Trazy, here, as the cost will be discounted to only KRW 7,400.

The top of the tower is 479.7m above sea level. The Tower is only 50 km from the border with North Korea. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see much of North Korea, as other mountains blocked the view. Some say, however, that it is possible to see the DMZ from the top of the tower on a very clear day.

The observatory is at 360 ° C and the names of the cities with the distance are written on the windows. You can also enjoy a drink at the observatory.

Visit the Namsan Tower in Seoul

At night, the tower lights up depending on the quality of the air. Blue if the air is healthy or in red if, on the contrary, the quality of the air is very bad.

Visit the Namsan Tower in Seoul

This building is made up of four levels dedicated to the development of new technologies. You will be able to admire various “OLED” screens including an absolutely striking tunnel.

You will also have the option of trying on 3D glasses or virtual reality headsets. In addition, the floors have several restaurants and cafes. Finally, at the lowest level, you can rent hanboks and do photo shoots.

In the evening, on the terrace of Seoul Tower Plaza, there can be entertainment like street singers, it’s really a nice atmosphere.

Visit the Namsan Tower in Seoul

Namsan Park is Seoul’s largest park. Strolling along one of its hiking trails, as well as reaching the top of the mountain, you will have a breathtaking view of Seoul. On the way, benches also allow you to sit down and enjoy the place.

In the fall, the trees on the mountain change color, and in the spring, the cherry trees bloom. These are events that you should definitely not miss if you are in Seoul during this period.

There are 3 main trails in Namsan which you can enjoy:

For Route 1, it’s a hiking trail that takes you to the peak at the Namsan Tower / N Seoul Tower. This trail lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes. This is an easy trail going through Namsan Park.

Namsangol village

The route begins in the Myeongdong district, a great place to shop and have a bite to eat. Then proceed to entrance number 3 of Namsan Park which is not far from the Namsan Cable Car.

On the way, you will pass a Hanok, an old restaurant called Namsando Sikhugyung and then the Waryongmyo Shrine.

Then follow the direction “Namsangol Hanok Village” and go to exit 7 of Namsan Park. We wrote a full post about the beautiful Namsangol Hanok Village here.

This route will bring you all around the Mountain. It’s a 7.5km trail. You can admire the different facets of Namsan. A great trail to discover Seoul.

Here is a map of all trails at Namsan

You can also join a guided hiking tour to visit Namsan and Namsangol Hanok village here.

Visit the Namsan Tower in Seoul

There are many restaurants, cafes and places to enjoy a drink around the park.

We recommend N.Grill, a delicious French restaurant located on the 7 floor of Namsan Tower. The view at night from the restaurant is stunning.

For a more Korean experience head to Hancook restaurant on the 3rd floor, which serves great Korean food.

On the first floor, you can find N Burger, N Terrace cafe, A Twosome Place, Cheiljemyunso (Korean Restaurant) and some shops.

Best Hotels near Namsan in Seoul

This hotel located right on the edge of Namsan, is a jewel in Seoul.

The Grand Hyatt overlooks the city which makes it one of the hotels with the best view of Seoul. The facilities, including pool, spa, many restaurants and bars are amazing.

If you want to experience the ultimate luxury in Seoul, don’t hesitate, book the Grand Hyatt here.

Banyan Tree

Another amazing hotel in Seoul is the Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul. Overlooking the Mountain, this is a 5 stars hotel with great facilities such as indoor and outdoor pools.

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul is an 11-minute drive from Seoul Tower and Dongdaemun Historic Shopping District.

You can book here.

Visit the Namsan Tower in Seoul

Korea does not have many distinctive monuments such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, or the Pisa Tower in Rome. However, standing at 480m above sea level, the Namsan Tower has an observation deck at the very top for a stunning 360 views of the city. This is probably the most recognizable monument in Seoul.

Visiting the Namsan Tower is therefore a must-do in Korea.

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Photo by Seoul Metropolitan Government/Penta Press

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