What to see in Mullae? Where is Mullae? Any good restaurants or cafes in Mullae? Why is this area becoming so trendy?

In this post, we will tell you all about Mullae Art Village, also called Mullae-dong (문래동 예술촌).

Seoul is a gigantic city, composed of many different neighborhoods. You surely know some of them such as Hongdae, Myeongdong, Gangnam, Insadong, or even the cute villages of Ikseon-Dong or Ihwa Mural Village. These are unmissable places when visiting Seoul.

But have you heard yet of the latest trendy area of Mullae? This up-and-coming neighborhood is not yet in most guidebooks.

This unique place, which spreads over a few streets, brings together industries, street art, artisans, cafes, restaurants, and trendy bars.

Check out the best things to see in Mullae Art Village in this post.

Mullae was originally an industrial complex, not so welcoming, perhaps even a bit creepy…

However, young artists started to settle in Mullae to benefit from the very low rent in Seoul. Mullae then started to gradually become a trendy place full of street arts. Rents then went up, causing many small businesses to close. They are now gradually being replaced by trendy restaurants, galleries and cafes.

Even though many industrial businesses closed, many still remain. This is what makes Mullae so unique. It’s a perfect blend of industrial streets mixed with arts, trendy cafes, and restaurants. You will hear both the sound of steel machinery and the music coming from restaurants.

That’s why we absolutely fell in love with Mullae and highly recommend adding this neighborhood to your to-do list, during your visit to Seoul.

So, what to do in Mullae?

Best Things to do in Mullae Art Village

The best way to explore Mullae Art Village, is to simply get lost in the street maze. Do not hesitate to even venture into very small alleys, you will be surprised to discover some pieces of street art or even very small hidden bars.

You can visit Mullae at any time of the day, however, the best time to go there is later afternoon, around 4-5pm. Most bars only open during that time. However, you can still enjoy a coffee or lunch/brunch during the day.

During your visit you will appreciate this mix of culture: on one side you have the workers making loud sounds working on the steel and on the other side tourists walking around and checking out new cafes and restaurants. It’s very unique! These kinds of unexpected places is what we love about Seoul. Even after 3 years in this city, we still discover new areas, which is always super exciting!

Mullae Art Village

The most popular place in Mullae is probably a place called Old Mullae. This is a stylish bar/cafe/restaurant which is becoming very popular in Seoul.

This is the first place we visited in Mullae, as we were very hungry and wanted to get some food. We ordered the huge fish and chips platter! And it was so so so good! One of the best fish and chips we had in our lives. They also serve another kind of platters to share including a very nice cheese platter.

Mullae Art Village

Old Mullae is also famous for its beers, they serve all kinds of beers from all around the world. However, you can also go there to simply enjoy a coffee and admire this great place! Big thumbs up to Old Mullae. We love this place!


Mullae Art Village

We discovered Rust Bakery by walking to a random street in Mullae. When we entered the street, we could sense the fresh smell of baked bread and desserts. We couldn’t resist, and although we had a pretty big meal at Old Mullae, we decided to treat ourselves with a small dessert and 2 lattes at Rusk Bakery.

We really like the atmosphere at Rust Bakery which is located in a former industrial building. The whole kitchen is completely open, hence the very nice smell of freshly baked bread spreading everywhere. They also have a small rooftop, which is pleasant if the weather is not too hot or too cold. The quality of their coffee and the cake is also great. Check out their Instagram for more photos of their cakes, you probably won’t resist either….


Mullae Art Village

Waves in Mullae Art Village is another must-see in this neighborhood. You can check it out for dinner and also have sip great cocktails with it. The building was previously a steel factory.

The place will make you feel like you are in Hawaii, with many plants, surfboards, and its Aloha vibe all around the restaurants. In terms of food, we absolutely loved the pineapple shrimp.

Make sure to check it out if you visit Mullae, this restaurant is really unique and one of the most hipster place in the area.


Beervana offers high-quality beers. They also have one of the best rooftops in Mullae. It was one of the best places to enjoy a drink in the evening.


Mullae Art Village

Unlike its name, Hotel 707 is not a hotel, but a super trendy cafe that looks like a hotel. This place is a great mix of chic and elegant design with a tropical touch. Hotel 707 is one of the most Instagrammable cafes in Mullae. The cafe also offers light finger foods and an afternoon tea set.

Check out Hotel 707 in Mullae, it’s worth at least having a look inside.


Mullae Art Village

Many artists have opened their art galleries over the years in Mullae. We discovered a few, which we really liked. One of them is called Art Field, which displays many paintings from local artists (more info here).

If you like photography, head to Photo Cultural Space Azit. They have very interesting photography of Korean daily life.

Space Nine is another great gallery displaying all kinds of art in rather dark settings (more info here).

Map of Mullae Art Village

Mullae is located south of the Han River, between Gimpo and Gangnam. Opposite the River, you have the area of Mapo.

It is very easy to get to Mullae, probably the easiest way to get there is by subway: Take Line 2 and exit at Mullae Station. From there it’s a short walk to the main area of Mullae. There are also many buses which reach Mullae.

You can combine a visit to Mullae with Seonyudo park (선유도공원). Seonyudo park is actually an island on the Han River. The Yanghwadaegyo Bridge that connects Dangsan-dong and Hapjeong-dong passes over Seonyudo. It is a very nice place to hangout in Seoul, where you can also get a very nice view of the city and its skyscrapers.

This magnificent park has been divided into several thematic gardens, including the Garden of Green Pillars, the Garden of Time, a greenhouse and a lot more.

All in all, this eco-friendly park can be perfect for couples and families to have wonderful memories and have an unforgettable time together.


Hongdae is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Seoul.

It is known for being the student district and one of the party areas in Seoul. It has a unique atmosphere in the Korean capital. Between arts and street food, bars, discos, music and original museums, the visit to this picturesque place reveals a dynamic and alternative culture. It is therefore a must-see when you visit Seoul. We wrote a full post about the best things to do in Hongdae here.

To get to Hongdae from Mullae Art Village, take the Subway Line 2 to Hongik University.

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Best parks in Seoul

This park used to be a dumping ground, but now the whole site has been decorated in a beautiful way to overcome its shameful past. Haneul Park aims to stay natural and harness natural wind energy with five large wind turbines. It also contains some man-made art structures.

Haneul Park is most beautiful in October, when waves of golden grass from Eulalia fill the fields and the other flowers add beauty to the park in different shades of pink. There are several photo areas. Be sure to capture yourself on one of the benches that surround the edge of the park to see a perfect Seoul view, especially at sunset.

If you are interested in other great parks in Seoul, check out this post. We listed the best parks in Seoul.

Mullae Art Village

Mullae Art Village is a fantastic place to discover in Seoul. All these kinds of neighborhoods all around the city are what make Seoul so special. It is why we never get bored in Seoul. There are always new places to discover.

We lived in Seoul for 3 years and wrote over 100+ posts about things to do in South Korea. Check them all out here.

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