​​Lanzarote is one of the most beautiful islands in Spain, and in particular the Canary Islands. Mostly known for its volcanic land, Lanzarote also features spectacular beaches. We compiled a list of the 10 most amazing beaches in Lanzarote in this post.

Lanzarote is located a few kilometers from the African coast and offers unique landscapes. The weather is mild all year round, which makes it a perfect destination to explore. Lanzarote is actually one of the most popular destinations for European tourists!

There are many reasons to travel to Lanzarote, and almost all of them revolve around nature and its incredible beaches.


From the endless enchantment of Playa Blanca to the soft blue waters of playa de Papagayo, there is something for everyone in Lanzarote. And the very good news is that all of them are accessible most of the year, with waters which generally never drops below 20°C.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, Lanzarote is also perfect for surfing. There are many beaches ideal for surfing, and each of them offers experiences adapted to each level. (READ: BEST SPOTS FOR SURFING IN THE CANARY ISLANDS).

And if you prefer to wear fins and a snorkel, you can always treat yourself to some of the most beautiful diving experiences in the Canary Islands. Majestic seabeds, ghostly shipwrecks and colorful fish await you underwater. Even the first ever underwater museum is featured in Lanzarote.

So are you curious to know which are the best beaches in Lanzarote? Check out the list below to find out.


The Papagayo beaches are the most famous ones in Lanzarote. There are a series of coastal stretches that are part of the Los Ajaches Natural Park. And although each of the beaches bears the name of Papagayo only the last one – located at the end of Lanzarote – is actually called playa Papagayo. This beautiful golden-sand coastline is considered one of the most famous and important on the island.

Thanks to the rocks that surround it, Papagayo beach is protected from the winds that form waves on most of the coasts of the island. These rocks provide access to various climbing routes – all to be explored to discover unforgettable landscapes and panoramas of Lanzarote. The area does not have much infrastructure but there are 2 restaurants to enjoy local food.

Visiting Papagayo is a must if you are in Lanzarote. It is one of the best beaches in Lanzarote. For more information about Papagayo beach, check out our full post here.

One of the best way to explore Papagayo Beaches, is to take a boat trip. The boat stops right in front of the bay, and you can snorkel and swim to the beach. Food is also provided on the boat. It’s the perfect day out in Lanzarote. Check out this link to book your sailing trip.

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Playa Mujeres is part of the Papagayo beaches. This stunning areas feature golden sandy beaches that slope gently into crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming in a beautiful natural setting. Stop by here if you are looking for a magical place to lay your towel under the sun and dive into this warm ocean.

You won’t find any bathing facilities, so remember to bring a picnic and plenty of fresh water with you. We actually prefer Playa Mujeres as Playa Papagayo as there are less people there and the beach is much bigger. Playa Mujeres is on top of our list of the best beaches in Lanzarote.

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Welcome to Famara Beach, a stunning stretch of coastline surrounded by winding mountains and located in the North West area of ​​Lanzarote. Originally, Famara was just a small, peaceful fishing village. Over time and thanks to the growth of tourism, the region has attracted more and more visitors intrigued by the beauty of the landscapes and the charm of its golden sand beaches.

And that’s not all: this area is also one of the most popular beaches with surfers. Famara even hosts international surfing competitions.

The beach stretches for almost 6 kilometers. This beach is much wilder than the other beaches in Lanzarote. The climate, winds and waves make it the ideal place to surf. However, if you want to sunbath the whole day, Famara might not be the ideal spot.

In Caleta de Famara, the small fishing village next to the beach, you will find a few restaurants serving tapas and fresh fish. You can wander through the sandy streets of the village, which is a very unique place in Lanzarote. We wrote a full post about Famara here, check it out for more information.

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Playa Flamingo is located in the south of Lanzarote, in the Playa Blanca area. It is one of the best beaches in Lanzarote.

This stunning golden sand coastline is public and offers crystal clear waters perfect for swimming. The seabed is also sandy. Come and lay down your towel and enjoy a day of sun, sea and diving with the whole family. The area is protected and well supervised, so you won’t have to worry about the presence of deep currents that can compromise the safety of your swim.

The area has public toilets, changing rooms and leisure areas, such as playgrounds ideal for welcoming children during long days spent at the beach.

We wrote a full post about Playa Blanca here. If you are looking for a place to stay in Lanzarote, we recommend this area.

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Playa Blanca

Very close to the superb beach of Playa Flamingo, you will find the magnificent Playa Dorada, which owes its name, of course, to the color of the sand which distinguishes it from the others. Many tourists consider it one of the best beaches in Lanzarote in many aspects. In addition to being protected from the strong winds that blow over the rest of the island, the sea is calm, crystal clear and the sand like powder.

From the beach you can also see Fuerteventura in the background. The view is stunning. From there it is possible to get on a boat and visit the magnificent Lobos island near Fuerteventura as well as to watch dolphins on the way. More information here.

Playa Dorada has bars and small restaurants. Besides this beach is also ideal for children!

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A spectacular lagoon located in the crater of a volcano in Lanzarote: welcome to El Golfo. On the west coast of Lanzarote, near Yaiza, you can enjoy this extraordinary beach, probably one of the most stunning on the island.

The crater of the volcano was completely submerged by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and formed a saline lagoon that took the name of El Lago Verde. The water is connected to the ocean through underground tunnels. Declared a nature reserve, this corner of paradise with green reflections owes its name to the algae that color the seabed and contrast beautifully with the blue sky that overlooks it.

In front of the green lake you have the ocean with majestic waves which contrast with the black volcanic sand.

Come and stay until sunset to take full advantage of the incredible light. This place is not only one of the best beaches in Lanzarote, it is a must-see if you travel to this island.

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Arrecife Lanzarote Spain Canary Islands

Arrecife, the main town of Lanzarote, has one of the best beaches in Lanzarote. It is called Playa Reducto. This superb seaside oasis, which reveals itself on an urban background, is the ideal place to come and stroll during sunny days. El Reducto is an artificial white sand beach, created specifically to accommodate tourists who do not want to stay too far from the center of the island. The beach stretches for almost half a kilometer and slopes gently into a sea of ​​crystal clear and transparent waters, where swimming is pure pleasure. The area is fabulous and well equipped.

You can come there with your children who will be able to swim in complete safety. If you find the right place, you can also snorkel and admire the calm and peaceful seabed of El Reducto.

You can also come and have a drink in one of the many bars or savor the best of local cuisine in one of the many restaurants. Utilities such as toilets, showers and changing rooms are also available. The area is easily accessible to visitors with reduced mobility.

Not far from the beach you will also find beach volleyball and basketball courts. If you’re lucky enough, you might meet one of the many artists who come to El Reducto to create sand sculptures.

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Playa de la Concha, La Graciosa.

The superb Las Conchas beach is located north of La Graciosa, the largest island in the Chinijo archipelago, a few kilometers northwest of Lanzarote. This tropical paradise seems to come out of nowhere. The sand is white and soft, dotted here and there with small spots of low vegetation and yellow flowers.

Las Conchas directly overlooks the desert islands of Montana Clara and Alegranza. The coastline stretches for almost 600 meters and offers tourists a wonderful setting where they can enjoy moments of complete relaxation, silence and a paradise of the senses. The presence of nearby islands means that the waters are relatively calm, although it is always wise to be careful, especially if you decide to come with children.

The deep currents do indeed require some experience, and the windy days can sometimes become more difficult to manage if you are traveling with children. But the area is so beautiful that it is well worth the trip. If you want to see one of the most beautiful beaches in Lanzarote, you can’t miss it.

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Here is a semi-deserted beach with snow-white sand. La Caleta del Mojon Blanco, is a one-of-a-kind paradise in Lanzarote. The area is accessible on foot from the road and will immediately strike you for its landscape composed of smooth black rocks which contrast with the color of the beach.

I you’re looking for a tropical paradise this beach is for you. Bring your towel, sunscreen, some water and a picnic and you can spend one of the best day in Lanzarote. On days with intense winds, you can find refuge among the rocks to fully enjoy the magic of this place.

If you are looking for a place to snorkel, go inland. You will find a small lagoon protected by the ocean where swimming is a real pleasure!

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Playa de la Cantería... Amanece...

La Canteria is one of the many surfers’ paradises you can discover on your trip to Lanzarote. This is arguably one of the most visited destinations if you want to experience a day of surfing, looking for the perfect wave. And if your travel companions are not water sports enthusiasts, the beaches of La Canteria still offer a superb natural landscape where it is pleasant to sunbathe or simply to walk among the dark rocks that seem to have fallen straight from a distant planet.

The golden sandy beach of La Canteria is very close to the village of Òrzola, an ideal connection point to get to La Graciosa and all the other beautiful islands of the Chinijo archipelago. La Canteria is particularly appreciated by the most experienced surfers. The waves are majestic there and it is not easy to tame the ocean without a minimum of experience. However, swimming is prohibited here.

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In the west of the island there are constant winds which make surfers happy all year round. In the north of Lanzarote you have magnificent views, the vegetation is more beautiful but the atmosphere is much quieter. To the South (Playa Blanca to be precise), which we recommend the most, you have beautiful beaches, better weather and good options for accommodations. In the South-East this is where most of the tourist resorts are located, which combine beaches, bars and restaurants. We have a full post about the best places to stay in Lanzarote here.

However, we like to recommend  Playa Blanca, which is our favorite area to stay in Lanzarote.

Hotel The Volcan Lanzarote

If your budget allows, then we highly recommend Hotel The Volcan in Playa Blanca. This hotel is located right by Marina Rubicon with many restaurants and bars around. The beach is just a few minutes walk. This hotel has a very large swimming pool and offer excellent breakfast. You can check it out here.


This hotel has a breathtaking view, directly facing the ocean. Iberostar has 3 large swimming pool, including 1 dedicated for kids only. The beach is located just a few minutes walk from the hotel. In front of the hotel, you have the famous Playa Blanca promenade with restaurants and bars along the way. We absolutely love this place. You can book here.

Ona Las Casita

If you are a little bit more on a budget, then we recommend Ona Las Casita. This lovely bungalow is perfectly located near the beach and the main promenade at Playa Blanca. The bungalow has a kitchen, so you can cook at home to save a bit of money. The place was super clean when we stayed there and we ate pretty much every day on the outdoor terrace. We love this place which has the perfect value for money. Book it here.

When staying in Lanzarote, people would normally choose location near the sea, such as Playa Blanca, our favorite place to stay on the island (more info here).


The beaches of Lanzarote are of great beauty. They are distinguished by their singularity and their volcanic character. White sand, yellow sand or black sand, calm waters or raging ocean, there really is something for everyone. In Lanzarote, it is possible to swim almost all year round, since the water temperature fluctuates between 20 and 23°C.

The beaches of the small island of La Graciosa, separated from Lanzarote by the famous Rio, are the most spectacular. If you like surfing, don’t miss Famara beach and its impressive volcanic cliffs. If you have time, take the track that climbs to the top of the Risco, the view is unforgettable.

Finally, Lanzarote is an ideal destination to learn about diving. Underwater, the landscapes are absolutely stunning and the prices are among the cheapest in Europe. You will see, the beaches and the seabed of Lanzarote will really surprise you.

For more information on Lanzarote, you can check out this post here.


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