Oasis Park in Fuerteventura

Why Visit the Oasia Park in Fuerteventura

Oasis Park in Fuerteventura is a popular attraction offering a blend of botanical gardens, a zoo, and interactive experiences with animals.

Located in the southern part of the island, Oasis Park is a great place for a day out with the whole family.

This expansive eco-park is the largest of its kind in the Canary Islands.

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Key Takeaways from a visit to Oasis Park in Fuerteventura

1. Diverse Animal: Oasis Park hosts a wide range of animals from different habitats around the world.
2. Botanical Garden: The park is also home to a vast botanical garden, showcasing an extensive collection of tropical and subtropical plants.
3. Family-Friendly: With activities and attractions for all ages, the park is an ideal destination for families, offering educational programs, playgrounds, and areas to explore.
4. Dining and Shopping: There are several dining options within the park, from snacks to full meals.
5. Visit: count at least a couple of hours to visit the Park. It’s big and there is plenty of things to cover! We actually spend almost 5 hours visiting the entire park and watching most shows

Here is a Teaser about Oasis Park in Fuerteventura

1. See many kind of animals

Oasis Park in Fuerteventura

Visiting Oasis Park allows you to discover 3,000 animals and 250 different species. With a little luck, you will be able to strike a pose next to a giraffe or even photograph a beautiful lemur. What we liked the most were the Hippos, Elephants, Leopards and Camels.

You will never feel bored at the Oasis Park in Fuerteventura, there are so much to see.

2. Attend the live shows

Oasis Park in Fuerteventura

With your tickets for the Oasis Park, you can attend various animal shows during your visit. Attending the live shows was the highlight of our visit of Oasis Park. Make sure you see all 3 of them.

The animals come as close as possible to the visitors during the shows. These interactive shows give the opportunity to pet amphibians and reptiles. The show of birds remains just as impressive.

The sea lions show is real fun, as does the representation of parrots. You can also buy food bags to feed the animals. Thus, it becomes easier to interact and approach the lemurs.

Here is the schedule of the shows:

  • Fauna Live: 11:45am and 02:50pm
  • Birds Live: 12:50pm and 02:15 pm
  • Sealions Live: 11:00am and 03:30pm

3. Ride a Camel

Oasis Park in Fuerteventura

Riding a camel is a lifetime experience. If you’ve never tried before, this is your chance! This unusual experience takes place with the largest camel reserve in Europe!

The ride lasts for about 25min and starts every 30 minutes from 10 am until 3 pm.

At the same time, the park has also developed a project to market the animals’ milk. This milk has multiple nutritional values, particularly appreciated by diabetics. The Oasis Park is particularly involved in research and training.

4. Visit the botanical garden

Oasis Park in Fuerteventura

After seeing and interacting with animals, you will fall in love with the rest of the garden. When visiting Oasis Park, you will fall in love with its magical setting.

The place has native, tropical or even very rare plants. The place allows you to immerse yourself in the most beautiful regions of this world.

Oasis Park in Fuerteventura

Plan for the shows

To fully enjoy your day at the park, consult the show schedules at the entrance of the park. Do not miss the scenes highlighting parrots, reptiles or even sea lions and birds. During these shows, you can discover the abilities of the animals and meet their keepers. Block the slots of the shows you want to see.

In total, you have the opportunity to attend three animal shows on your day. Then plan your visit freely over the day.

  • Fauna Live: 11:45am and 02:50pm
  • Birds Live: 12:50pm and 02:15 pm
  • Sealions Live: 11:00am and 03:30pm

2. By your tickets in advance for the best price

To avoid queueing up at the entrance and head straight to the park, you can buy your tickets in advance. We recommend buying your ticket here.

Oasis Park in Fuerteventura

€35 for adults;
€20.50 for children aged 4 to 11;
€29.50 for young people aged 16 and over;
And €29.50 for people over 60.

Buy your tickets here which includes a Camel Ride.

Useful information about Oasis Park

Oasis Park in Fuerteventura

Opening time

To visit the Oasis Park, take advantage of the long opening hours: Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The park remains open every day of the year.

Also, if you regularly go to Fuerteventura or stay there long enough to return, opt for the Oasis Pass. This access card allows you to visit Oasis Park as many times as you wish. The card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Do not hesitate to consult the park’s website for more information on this subscription.

How to get to Oasis Park?

To visit Oasis Park you can catch one of the free buses provided by the Park. These shuttles leave from Costa Calma, Caleta de Fuste, Corralejo, Tarajalejo, Jandía and Las Playitas. You do not have to show anything when entering the bus. For the return, you will have two departure times: at 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Here is the full timetable

If you choose to drive, then there are plenty of parking spaces at the park and the parking is free.

For more information, you can also consult the official site of Oasis Park in Fuerteventura here.

History of Oasis Park

Oasis Park in Fuerteventura

The only zoological park on the Canary Islands, it is also the only park in the Canary Islands with African elephants and hippos. Visiting Oasis Park means treating yourself to a beautiful and unique experience.

The park was launched in 1985, starting with the flora area. At the time, ornamental plants from all over the world were offered to the park. A natural habitat had to be created, especially to deal with environmental threats.

The Oasis Park started with a few small animals, like parrots or kangaroos, and then expanded to bigger animals such as elephants, hippos, giraffes, and many more.

Where to stay near Oasis Park?

Costa Calma

R2 Maryvent Beach Apartments

If you are a couple, this is probably the best place to stay. From there you can easily explore the Oasis Park but also other must-sees in Fuerteventura such as Cofete and many other attractions in Fuerteventura.

We probably stayed in the best hotel in Costa Calma. It’s called R2 Maryvent Beach Apartments Costa Calma. We had a fantastic sea-view apartment. You can check it here

What to do in Fuerteventura

This is probably the most convenient place for families or retirees. You will find all you need in Morro Jable and it’s mostly flat, which makes it very easy to walk around. In Spain, we love the Iberostar chain hotel.

At Morro Jable, they have a stunning palace facing the sea. It’s beautiful. You can book it here.


Oasis Park in Fuerteventura

The clear answer is YES! We had a really great time visiting Oasis Park.

Before visiting we read some reviews with people saying that they spent 6 hours in the park! We were laughing when reading those reviews, wondering how can people spend so much time in what we thought was a simple zoo! Little did we know that we too would spend 5 hours visiting and having fun at Oasis Park.

Fuerteventura can at times become very windy, during those days it is good to stay away from the amazing beaches on the island and go inland. Visiting Oasis Park is then perfect!

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