How to get to Cofete? What to see in Cofete Beach? Is Cofete good for swimming?

In this post, we explain all you need to know about THE most amazing beach in Fuerteventura. The ONE! The SPECTACULAR! The WILDEST: Cofete beach!

If you ever visit Fuerteventura, make sure to add Cofete on top of your list of things to see on the island. Cofete is the most beautiful beach in Fuerteventura, well even in the Canary Islands, and perhaps one of the most amazing beaches in the world!

No kidding.

However, getting there is not too easy. Hence read this guide to prepare for your trip to Cofete.

Key Highlights from Cofete Beach:

Secluded Beach: Cofete is renowned for its vast, unspoiled beach that stretches for miles, offering breathtaking views and a sense of solitude.
Dramatic Scenery: The beach is backed by imposing mountains, creating dramatic and picturesque landscapes that are a photographer’s dream.
Difficult Access: Reaching Cofete involves navigating a challenging dirt road, which adds to the sense of adventure and isolation. A 4×4 vehicle is recommended.
Limited Facilities: The area’s remoteness means there are very few facilities or services available, so come prepared with food, water, and other essentials.
Historical Mystery: The Villa Winter, a mysterious and somewhat eerie house with rumored historical connections to World War II, is located nearby, adding an element of intrigue.

Here is a glimpse of what to expect during a visit of Cofete Beach in Fuerteventura

How to get to Cofete

All good things must be earned. This sentence has never been so true when getting to Cofete.

Cofete is located southwest of Fuerteventura in the Jandia Natural Park in Pajara. There is only 1 road (which is not really a road, completely unpaved) to get to Cofete. The starting point is from Morro Jable. However, you have few options to get there safely:

Getting to Cofete by car

What to do and see in Fuerteventura

If you rent a car (like we did), then you can drive to Cofete by yourself. Now, be aware that to get to Cofete from Morro Jable it will take about 1 hour driving through a terrible unpaved road.

This is why getting to Cofete must be earned. In all our posts about Fuerteventura, we strongly recommend to rent a SUV or 4×4 when visiting the island. Many roads are totally unpaved in Fuerteventura. Check out the best deals for car rentals here.

As no one gave us this great advice before, we rented the cheapest car possible and got the cutest Fiat 500. We were so happy to get this car until we reached our first unpaved road in Fuerteventura. We quickly understood our mistake! hahah

Not only that but we then we read that many rental companies wouldn’t insure any accident if it happened on an unpaved road. Good that we read about this after returning the car, as otherwise, we might have reconsidered driving to Cofete.

Well, if you just rented your small car and you are wondering if you should drive by yourself to Cofete, know that it is totally possible. We made it safe and sound without a scratch or flat tire with a Fiat 500. And we weren’t the only ones. Just take it super slow.

If you prefer not to risk it, read the next part:

Getting to Cofete by bus

Public bus to Cofete on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

There is a special 4×4 bus Line 111 (we never saw this kind of cool 4×4 bus before), leaving from Morro Jable.

The bus departs from Morro Jable at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM every day. It will return from Playa Cofete at 12:30 PM and 4:30 PM.

Don’t miss it though, otherwise, you need to hitchhike to get back, sleep on the beach, or hike all the way back (~3 hours).

To check more details about the bus to Cofete, here is their official website.

Joining a tour to visit Cofete


For a total hassle-free and peace-of-mind experience, you can also decide to join a tour or hire a driver with a Jeep to get you there safely. We highly recommend this tour.

You will get picked up at your hotel in the morning, and drive with a Jeep all the way to Cofete. Then you will visit Casa Winter, go for a swim, and eat at a local restaurant in El Puertito. Don’t hesitate, you can book this tour directly here.


1. Playa Cofete


When you finally made your way to Cofete, the first thing you will want to do is head straight to the beach.

This golden and fine sand beach is absolutely stunning. As for us, we brought our own lunch, and decided to eat right on the beach. One of the most memorable picnic we did in Fuerteventura.

We then spent the entire day by the beach. We walked for about 1 hour from the parking lot and we were completely alone. Only a few goats were roaming not far in the mountains behind us.

Now swimming in Cofete can be a bit dangerous due to the strong current. We went for a quick dip, but we were extremely careful. If you are not a good swimmer, then refrain from going into the water in Cofete.

Location of the parking: here

2. Visit the mysterious Casa Winter


From the beach of Cofete, you will see this isolated house in the middle of the mountain, called Casa Winter. There is only 1 house, you will spot it straight away. So far so good…

The villa was built in 1937 by Gustav Winter, a German engineer who lived in Fuerteventura for fifteen years. However, this place is full of mysteries and legends. Indeed, it was apparently a hideout for the Nazis !!?

This is the main legend around this house: it would have served as a base for SS submarines, which would have used its tower as a beacon. But not only: it is famous for hiding tunnels in the mountains and in its basements.

Besides, you will also find a bunker and a room resembling a very scary old hospital. Worthy of a real spy novel!

The most astonishing legend about Casa Winter is that after the second world war ended, some Nazis came to Villa Winter for a plastic surgery in order to change their face before fleeing to South America so that no one will find them.

Some also say that Hitler visited this place during the war and brought people from concentration camps to work on the extension of the villa.

If you like this kind of legend, you can actually visit the villa. There is a road that leads directly there.

  • Location: here
  • Website: here
  • Opening hours: 10AM–2PM and 3PM – 5PM

3. Check out the lighthouse at Punta de Jandia

What to do and see in Fuerteventura

On your way back from Cofete, you can make a little detour to Faro punta de Jandia. There you will see a nice lighthouse. You will feel at the end of the world. This is a perfect spot to watch the waves and chill in Fuerteventura.

At low tide, there are nice pools in the rocks for swimming.

There is also a small village nearby with a few restaurants. There is another beach right in front of the village called Playa el Puertito, usually a great place for swimming.

Location: here

4. Spot the highest mountain in Fuerteventura

Besides the amazing beach, you can also see the highest mountain in Fuerteventura reaching 807m called Pico de la Zarza. When you first reach Cofete, make sure to stop at the viewpoint here. You can take amazing shots of the beach and Pico de la Zarza. This is probably when you will agree that this beach is one of the most amazing one in the world!

5. Cofete village

You can also find Cofete village which is just a few houses and 1 restaurant. Some people still live in Cofete, which feels like being at the end of the world.

6. Cofete cemetery

Ok this might not be the most glorious thing to visit during your holiday, but this place is quite unique nevertheless. Locals living in Cofete built this cemetery in the nineteenth century in order to avoid getting the dead bodies back to the city by camel.

  • Location: here
  • Duration: at least half day trip
  • Prices: Free
  • Opening hours: 24h
  • Services: there is 1 restaurant in Cofete serving fresh local food. It is usually quite full around noon. Location.

Costa Calma


If you are couple, this is probably the best place to stay in Fuerteventura. It is only located 20min away from Morro Jable, which makes it very convenient to also visit Cofete. Costa Calma is famous for its amazing beach.

We probably stayed in the best hotel in Costa Calma. It’s called R2 Maryvent Beach Apartments Costa Calma. We had a fantastic sea view apartment. You can check it here

Morro Jable

What to do in Fuerteventura

This is the closest place to stay near Cofete. Morro Jable is popular for families or retirees. You will find all you need in Morro Jable and it’s mostly flat, which makes it very easy to walk around. In Spain we love the Iberostar chain hotel.

We only had fantastic experience in their hotels. At Morro Jable they have a stunning palace facing the sea. It’s beautiful. You can book it here.


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