Seoul Forest (서울숲) is a large park located in the Seongsu-dong district in Seoul. It is a great place to spend a relaxing time in a peaceful environment away from the city. Koreans and tourists love to walk or cycle there, but also to for many other activites! For us, Seoul Forest is simply one of the best parks in Seoul (more info here on the best parks in Seoul).

In spring, Seoul Forest is one of the best place to admire the gorgeous cherry blossoms. In Autumn it is a fantastic place to see the trees changing colors. Especially the sharp yellow ginkgo trees. However, Seoul Forest is pleasant at any season. Make sure to check it out if you visit Seoul (best things to see in Seoul here).

What can you expect in Seoul Forest? You will see some deers, a butterfly garden, beautiful trees, a small lake, plenty of spaces to chill, fun kids areas, a skatepark and a lot more activities which we invite you to discover in this post. You can spend a whole afternoon exploring and having fun at Seoul Forest.

In Seoul Forest, make sure to also visit the very cute neighborhood just behind, called Seongdong. They have very cute shops, with many delicious brunch, great restaurants and gorgeous cafes. It is actually one of our favorite neighborhoods in Seoul, besides Ikseon-dong (more info here on Ikseon-dong)

So here is all you need to know to prepare your visit to Seoul Forest:

Feed the deer at the Eco Park
Seoul Forest (서울숲)

As surprising as it sounds, Seoul Forest has many deer. Now, of course they do not run freely in the wild, but they have a pretty big enclosure and you are able to see them up close in the park. Before Covid it was possible to feed them, but it seems that they added another lawyer of fence, so people can’t touch them anymore. Nonetheless, it is still one of the highlight in Seoul Forest.

To get there, you will have to cross the foot bridge on the opposite side of the main road. Indeed, Seoul Forest is divided into different parks, the deer are located in the Eco park closer to the Han River.

Check out the cherry blossoms
Seoul Forest (서울숲)

The Eco Park is also famous for its gorgeous Cherry Blossoms. If you continue straight after visiting the deer, you will reach one of the most popular path in Seoul to see the Cherry Blossoms. It’s absolutely stunning during the peak season. Make sure to check it out in Spring.

Take a look at the cute rabbits
Seoul Forest (서울숲)

After crossing the alley of Cherry Trees, on your right you will find a small entrance to the rabbit house. Seoul forest has tones of very cute rabbits.

Chill at the Culture and Art Park
Seoul Forest (서울숲)

This is the main area of Seoul forest. It is located at the main entrance of the park. If you take the public transport, you will mostly likely start your visit here.

At the entrance you will see an impressive sculpture representing horse racing. They refer to Seoul Forest’s past. Indeed, in 1954 this space was a racecourse for horses.

Have fun at the children’s garden
Seoul Forest (서울숲)

A little further after the main entrance, you will see the Children’s park. There, you will see little wooden houses, small tunnels, and fun activities for kids.

Ride a bike
Seoul Forest (서울숲)

It is very pleasant to ride your bicycle in Seoul Forest. If you do not have a bicycle, you can rent one inside the park (located here), or from Seoul Bike, the bike sharing company. There is a station right at the entrance of the park. Simply download the app on your phone (here).

There is a path that goes all around the forest. From there, you can also access the Han River, and continue your journey by the cycling track along the river.

Eat a picnic with your friend
Seoul Forest (서울숲)

In the middle of Seoul Forest, there is a big open space, famous for picnic but also to come and play with doggies. Around Seoul Forest, there are lots of convenient stores, so you can simply buy some snacks there.

Relax by the lake
Seoul Forest (서울숲)

Beside the picnic area, there is a beautiful lake where you can enjoy a peaceful moment. There are even some wooden long chairs by the lake, if you want to lay down to sunbath.

Visit the Butterfly garden
Seoul Forest (서울숲)

In this garden, you’ll discover many varieties of butterflies. Among other things, you can see the different stages of the metamorphosis of butterflies! This part of the park is open from 10:00 to 17:00.

Insect garden
Seoul Forest (서울숲)

Located right next to the Butterfly garden, you can enjoy another part of the park to observe insects of all kinds. Perfect for kids.

Get some adrenaline at the Seoul Forest Skate Park
Seoul Forest (서울숲)

Recently Seoul Forest added a skate park near the main entrance. If you have your own skateboard or scooter, it’s a beautiful place to practice and land new tricks.

Have a Brunch at BimBom

BimBom in Seoul Forest is one of the best brunch cafe town (best brunches in Seoul here). The location facing the forest with a terrace if you want to eat outside is the perfect setting for a brunch. BimBom is famous for its 3 layer brunch set, including not 3 but 4 dishes in total. The egg benedicts and french crepes are so delicious.

Enjoy a healthy lunch at Cheddar and Oil

Chedda and Oli is one of our favorite place to eat while visiting Seoul Forest. We love seating in their outdoor area and order their delicious tartine and 2 coffees. It’s the perfect meal or mid-afternoon snack.

Have a drink and dessert by the pool at Cafe & Other

This beautiful and trendy cafe is located right on the edge of Seoul Forest. In summer dig in your feet inside the pool while sipping your ice americano. Definitely a great spot in Seoul Forest.

Seoul Forest (서울숲)

Address:  273 Ttukseom-ro, Seongsu-dong 1(il)-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Corée du Sud (서울 성동구 뚝섬로 273)

How to get there by public transportation:

Take the Suin – Bundang line (수인 분당) and stop at Seoul Forest Station (서울 숲역). Then take exit 3 and walk for about 5 minutes.

Or take line 2 and stop at Ttukseom Station (뚝섬역). Take exit 8 and walk for about 10 minutes.

Get there by car: if you drive to Seoul Forest, then we recommend to park here. It is the most convenient parking lot neat the park.

Entrance to Seoul Forest: Free

Opening Hours: The main park is open 24h. However, some part of the park closes during the night.

Website (English): here

Best parks in Seoul

Ttukseom Park is one of our favorite park in Korea. If like us, you enjoy water sports this is the ultimate place to go in Seoul. Windsurf, Foil, Kiteboard, wakeboard, waterski, paddle boat, SUP, you can do pretty much anything. Here you can book your SUP rental + lesson.

On top of that, Ttukseom has one of the biggest skatepark in Seoul. In winter you can enjoy sledding on fake snow, and in summer there is also one of the biggest outdoor swimming pool.

But that’s not it, Ttukseom park also offers crickets, basketball courts, flowers parks, water fountains and so much more. If you are staying in Seoul, make sure to check out this awesome park.

Common Ground is the largest container shopping mall in the world. If you are visiting Seoul, make sure to check out this unique place. There, you can find many cool shops and restaurants. We really enjoy this place and it’s relatively close to Seoul Forest.

Seoul Forest (서울숲)

Seoul Forest is a very pleasant place to visit in Seoul. If you are looking for a place to stroll as well as relax, make sure to check it out.

If you enjoy visiting parks in Seoul, we listed all the best parks here.

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