Alpaca World in Korea


The Alpaca World in Korea (알파카월드), is the largest alpaca ranch in Korea, covering an entire hill near Seoul.

The park opened in 2017. The Alpaca World is more than just alpacas as you can also interact with many other animals, such as ostriches, Camels, Deers and various other farm animals.

Key Takeaways from a visit to the Alpaca World in Korea

In the Alpaca World, learn about alpaca lifestyles and characteristics, plus other fun anecdotes from the on-site alpaca expert.

The Alpaca World is the one and only park in Korea where you can see, feed, and touch alpacas, deer, ponies, and other animals. In addition, you can participate in different types of activities.. You even have the opportunity to take these cute and fluffy animals for a walk around the park.

The visit to the park is perfect for kids and adults. Here is all you need to know about the Alpaca World.

What a fun experience!

Here is a Sneak Peek into the Alpaca World in Korea

Alpaca World in Korea

The Park is located around 120 km from Seoul. It will take about 2 hours to get there. Going there by public transport is not very easy. Hence we recommend taking your car or joining a tour group.

You can join different tours organized by tourism organizations. The advantage is that everything is included in the price (bus, entrance ticket) and sometimes it is linked with other attractions nearby.

  • We recommend the Alpaca World + Garden of Morning Calm / Nami Island: book here with Klook
  • Another fun option is to combine the strawberry farm, snow sled in winter, and Alpaca world. This tour costs about 80,000 KRW with Trazy. Book here.

If you have a car, going to the Alpaca World will be very easy. It takes about 2 hours to get there. When you arrive, park at the bottom of the hill and take the free shuttle bus up the hill. From there purchase your ticket and enter the park.

The advantage of going there by car is that you can explore other attractions nearby, such as the Garden of the Morning Calm or Nami Island at your own pace.

Make your way from Seoul to the Namchuncheon Station which lies on the Gyeongchun line. Getting to this station is similar to getting to Nami Island subway station. 

From Namchuncheon station there is a bus (bus #3) going to the Alpaca World, but the bus only runs 3 times a day. At 8:50 / 12:20 / 16:10. The bus will stop at the Alpaca Farm parking lot. From there take the free shuttle bus to the entrance of the Alpaca World. 

Note that taking public transport to visit the Alpaca World is not the easiest and fastest option, and the buses are limited…

Right at the entrance of the park, your can start your first interactions with Alpacas. Enter the Alpaca playground and start playing with Alpacas.

Alpaca World in Korea

Take the train next to the playground on start your safari around the park. You will see Alpacas, Ostrich, Goats and other animals up close.

There are some pleasant walks in the park. Choose your trail and hike up the hill to admire the view of the surroundings. It’s beautiful. There is a small rest area at the top. We went there in the summer, hence a short break in the shade was exactly what we needed.

Alpaca World in Korea

After completing the trail, head to the deers area. You can buy some biscuits before entering the enclosed area and feed the deers. It’s a great experience.

Alpaca World in Korea

To our surprise, we suddenly came face to face with a Camel. The Camel is very big and stays on the side of the hill.

The highlight of a visit to the Alpaca World in Korea is to take one of these fluffy animals on a walk. Make sure to also buy some food before taking them on a walk, otherwise, you may not go very far. You are allowed to walk the Alpacas for 15 minutes.

The last part of the Alpaca World is dedicated to birds. You can feed all kinds of birds and also check out some owls. Another great experience.

Alpaca World in Korea
  • Openings: January – March: 10:00am to 5:00pm; April – December: 10:00am to 6:00pm
  • Admission: 15,000 KRW (for Children under 3 it’s free)
  • Website: here

In terms of food, there is one restaurant and some small shops to buy food. However, we recommend eating before visiting the park. If you go in the summer, make sure to bring water. The park is on a hill, and there is a fair bit of walking.

Alpaca World in Korea

Since our trip to New Zealand, we fell in love with Alpacas. We were so excited when we learned that there is an Alpaca park in Korea, and it did not disappoint. It was such a fantastic experience. It’s a great way to interact with these cuties and learn about them.

We had no idea about all the other animals and were pleasantly surprised to see such a fantastic variety: camel, deers, owls, so many birds, Ostrich, pony, and so many others.

We absolutely recommend a visit to the Alpaca World in Korea. It’s a fun place to visit for adults and children.

We hope that we have made you travel with this visit to the Alpaca World. Continue this escape through our photos and stories about South Korea.

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