Muuido in South Korea near Seoul


If you are looking for a beachside escape near Seoul, search no longer, Muuido is the perfect island gateway.

Muuido is known for its serene beaches, and rural charm.

Muuido is located on the west coast near Incheon Airport. The island is well known for day trips from Seoul or weekend gateway to enjoy the various beaches, seafood, and many other activities on the island.

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Muuido in Korea

To get there by public transportation, head to Incheon Airport by bus or train and then catch bus 222 or 111. From Yeongjongdo catch the ferry for a short 5-minute ride (KRW 3,000 round trip) or catch the small shuttle bus 6-1 which crosses the newly built bridge since 2019.

If you have a car, you can drive directly to Muuido, there are car parks on the island near the main attractions.

Here is the list of the best things to do on Muuido:


Hanagae Beach is the main beach on the island. It’s also there that you can enjoy plenty of activities, seafood restaurants, and cute beach huts if you want to stay overnight. See our evening picture above.

Hanagae Beach is very pleasant with golden sand and a great place to take a swim during high tide. At low tide, you can enjoy long walks into the sea or collect seashells for your lunch or dinner. A popular activity amongst Korean

If you like to get some thrills, then enjoy a Zipline ride, right on top of the Beach. It’s definitely a lot of fun.

If you are still up for some other activities, you can also enjoy KTV ride or even horse riding on the beach. It’s all fun.

Hanagae Beach is on the list of the top 25 beaches in Korea (full list here).

Best things to do in Muuido, Korea

Silmi Beach is the second biggest beach on the Island. It was actually our favorite one on Muuido. Silmi is mostly known for its camping site under the pine trees. It is also less crowded than Hanagae.

On Silmi Beach, there aren’t too many activities like in Hanagae. The best thing to do is relax on the beach or play some beach games with your friends. After all, that’s why we wanted to escape the city for a day.

To get to Silmi Beach from Hanagae, simply catch the shuttle 1.

Muuido in Korea

From Silmi Beach you can actually walk to another island called Silmido. You can only cross during low tide. No worries, the beach guards will tell you when to come back in case you are worried about getting stuck on Silmido Island.

There isn’t much to do on Silmido Island, just walk around, enjoy the view, and take pictures of the nice rocks on the beach. Overall, it is very relaxing. We had a very good time.

What made Muuido famous, is actually a movie released in 2003 called Silmido. The film is based on a true story about secret agents trained on the Island to assassinate the North Korean President.

Muuido | Hanagae Beach

From Hanagae Beach, you can walk on a seaside walking bridge above the water. It’s really beautiful. The view is stunning, especially at sunset.

When you reach Hanagae Beach turn left and you will see the bridge.

Muuido in Korea

There are 2 peaks on Muuido: Mt. Horyonggoksan more appropriate for beginners; and Guksabong Peak perfect for more conditioned hikers. Each hiking course is provided with signs so there is no problem to worry about getting lost.

Muuido in Korea

There are a few options for great seafood. Both Hanagae and Silmi have seafood restaurants right at the beach. You can also get a Korean BBQ with meat instead.

If you want to explore the more local side of the island, head to Keunmuri Wharf near the ferry. There are a few local restaurants there for a more unique experience.

Muuido in Korea

The tiny island of So-Muuido is connected to Muuido by a walking bridge. To get there, head to the southeastern tip of Muuido. So-Muuido is a charming fishing village, car-free, with a clifftop walk that offers a beautiful panorama.

Muuido in Korea

Both Hanagae and Silmi Beach offer camping side and basic accommodations. The most popular one is the beach huts right on the beach at Hanagae. Rooms are very basic and can accommodate 2 to 4 people.

However, you will be spending the night directly on the beach, with the soothing sounds of the crashing waves sending you to sleep. What a unique experience only 1h from Seoul.

The beach huts can’t be booked in advance, it’s first come first serve and has to be paid by cash for KRW 30,000 per night.

Sindo_Sido_Modo 13

Muuido is a lovely gateway from Seoul. We were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the island. We did plenty of fun activities and finished our day with a great seafood barbecue.

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We also recommend checking out the nearby islands of Sindo, Sido, and Modo, which are also beautiful and very peaceful. We enjoyed the visits to these 3 islands a lot.

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